ShockCast: Episode 8 – Remasters & Remakes

ShockCast: Episode 8 – Remasters & Remakes

Who doesn’t love going back to revisit a classic? Or two? Or five?

In this week’s episode of the ShockCast, it’s a full house as Lou, Giuseppe, Ryan, and Chris discuss the topic of remasters, remakes, and everything else that has a “re” in front of it, as we talk the recent announcement of the upcoming remasters for Final Fantasy XII, the Batman: Arkham series, and how and why they are good for the industry.

After that, we also get deep into the many leaks (on leaks, on leaks, on leaks) leading up to next week’s E3 2016, including the reveals for Watch Dogs 2Injustice 2, and many, many others.

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