ShockList: Injustice: Gods Among Us Wishlist: Part 1

ShockList: Injustice: Gods Among Us Wishlist: Part 1


There has been a ton of Injustice: Gods Among Us news lately, and all of this buzz is getting both the gaming fan and comic fan inside me excited. What characters will be revealed next? Who deserves a chance at the spotlight?

With the New 52 directing its focus on re-establishing age-old characters and reintroducing old concepts, Injustice seems to be taking the same idea with its distinct take on a DC Comics dystopia, where Superman has turned tyrant, and where Batman’s rebels have risen up against him.

But one unsettling trend that I’ve noticed so far is that there is a huge imbalance between DC Universe characters, and Batman-specific characters. Seriously, could there be anymore Bat-family characters in this game? The latest reveals have suggested a more diverse line-up, thankfully, but I want more. So this fan took it upon himself to suggest some characters that shouldn’t be missed when Injustice: Gods Among Us hits shelves in April, as either on-disc characters or DLC.

Below you’ll find a variety of characters, with their backgrounds detailed, an imagined Injustice backstory for them, how NetherRealm Studios should approach implementing them into the game using Mortal Kombat (2011) and MK vs DC as a template, other characters who could take their place, and how likely they are to appear.


Martian Manhunter

Injustice Wishlist -Martian Manhunter


The Martian Manhunter’s dedication to heroism is astounding. In pre-New 52 continuity he was the only superhero to be on just about every single Justice League team, ever. The Martian Manhunter’s dedication and wide power set makes him not only one of the most powerful heroes in the universe, but he’s also been considered one of the most highly regarded and dependable heroes in DC’s community. Having all of Superman’s abilities, plus shapeshifting, powerful telepathy, invisibility, and intangibility, the Martian Manhunter was once said to be one of only five people Superman would fear facing in combat. The New 52’s version seems to be riding along the same idea, with the Martian Manhunter taking on the entire Justice League on his own. This hero–equal parts Superman and Batman–is one of DC’s greatest, and needs to be a part of Injustice.

MartianManhunter - Superman's Top FiveIn Injustice:

It’s been years since the Martian Manhunter has seen the light of day. When Superman started his takeover, Martian Manhunter was one of the only heroes to question Superman’s decisions, asking his old friend and ally to reconsider the best way to approach saving the world. From one alien to another, he knew it was difficult to police the world, but there had to be another way.

Superman didn’t see it that way.

Knowing the Manhunter was one of the only heroes who could take him on in a fair fight, he hunt the Manhunter down first and used the Martian’s weakness to fire to take him down. It still wasn’t an easy fight: but Superman used the element of surprise to take advantage, and lock his friend up. He promised, he swore, that he’d let him go when the world was made right, when he could prove his way was the best way, in a chamber of flame deep below the surface of the Earth where no one could find him. But it’s been years now, and no one has visited the Martian Manhunter in a long time.

Until recently.

Plays Like: An amalgamation of Kratos, Smoke, and Mileena in Mortal Kombat (2011)

The Martian Manhunter has often been described as the Swiss-army knife of superheroes, and his move set should reflect it. Using the diversity of Kratos’ moveset, the high mobility of Smoke, and the varied attack angles and speed of Mileena should make for a dangerous, powerful, and accurate Martian Manhunter. Finishers and special throws could include the Manhunter mindjacking his foes and shapeshifting into their worst fears (perhaps in a Raging Demon sort of fashion) and being as fearsome as the Kryptonian himself.


While Martian Manhunter’s Silver Age costume is as classic as any of DC’s other heroes, the One Year Later variation has always given the Manhunter a dangerous vibe that would be more befitting of Injustice‘s theme. But that doesn’t mean the classic look and his native Martian form can’t show up as alternate attires.

Likelihood: Medium

The Martian Manhunter has a lot of fans, and recently has been given a much bigger push in DC comics as a worldly hero with big plans. While he has often been overlooked in favor of other heroes with similar powers, NetherRealm would be remiss in excluding him Injustice.

Appears Currently In: Justice League of America

Alternative Characters:

Connor Kent, Superboy: Fan-favorite Connor Kent is certainly powerful enough to take on Superman, and his tactile telekinesis has been expanded for many uses. Given his ties to Superman, he could easily make for a great opponent, one presumably made by the government tostop the Kryptonian’s tyranny.

MaximaMaxima: Unless you read comics in the 90’s, Maxima may not ring a bell, and even if she does, she’s probably not on the top of anyone’s list for a triple A fighting game. But considering that her psionic powers are strong enough to let her trade and withstand blows from Superman and even Doomsday, she’s one of the best choices to stop or join a tyrannical Superman.

Captain Comet: The comic industry’s first written-as-such “mutant” title actually belongs to DC Comic’s Adam Blake, born with the evolved physiology of what humanity would become a hundred thousand years in the future. His Martian Manhunter-like array of powers make him a powerful hero, with strength, speed and flight that rivals even Superman’s abilities, plus telepathy and telekinesis. Born between the Golden and Silver Ages, Comet has never quite found his footing in DC’s larger universe, but Injustice could just be the first step to reviving him properly.

Tomorrow Woman: Created by JLA enemies and professors Ivo and T.O. Morrow, Tomorrow Woman was an android created with a four-lobed brain. She had vast telepathic and telekinetic powers, along with with strength and speed, but ultimately it was her ability to fight her programming and sacrifice herself for the greater good that made her a hero, one that belongs a comeback in Injustice.



Injustice Wishlist -Zatanna


The daughter of the stage magician Zatara, Zatanna is a world-reknown sorceress who hides her true magical power behind a simple Vegas stage act. She’s one of DC’s most popular heroines, with a history that includes being a sometime Batman-ally, a Justice League member, and a Sentinel of Magic. If there’s ever a magical crisis, you can definitely expect Zatanna to be there and help save the world.

In Injustice:

ZatannaWhen Superman set about changing the world, he knew he would meet resistance. That’s why when Superman set about hunting all of his biggest potential threats–especially magically based–he was surprised to find that Zatanna was ready and willing to join his tyrannical quest to change the world.

But Superman isn’t completely convinced of Zatanna’s loyalty: rumor has it Zatanna and Batman were close allies–sometimes more–before Superman took over the world. Is Zatanna truly a part of his cause, or a sleeper agent ready to strike when the time is right?

Plays Like: Joker, in DC VS MK; Quan Chi, in Mortal Kombat (2011)

NetherRealm have never been strangers to magical characters, and Zatanna would be an easy character to tackle. Like any true stage magician, Zatanna should always keep her enemies guessing: like Joker in DC vs MK. Flourishing her top hat, a deck of cards, or a magical mist, she could initiate a set up that leads into several different magical attacks. Her bunnies won’t be cute, I assure you.

Similar to Quan Chi’s mind control attacks, Zatanna should also be able to bespell enemies, and perhaps with a ”
Exit, Stage Left” type of move, she could also teleport to the other side of the screen with ease.

Alternate Costumes:

Zatanna has wore a different costume or two in her day, but there’s no other costume that she could wear besides her stage magician costume. The top hat, the tuxedo, the shoes, it’s the only thing that would be proper. Save the other looks for alternate attire.

Likelihood: Medium

Zatanna has always been a part of the mainstream DC Universe for several decades, whether high profile or not, and her unique look and personality will always make her a fan favorite. The creators of Injustice have mentioned wanting to use characters who will play uniquely to their peers: while we have no idea if Zatanna is on their radar, she’d certainly bring a unique playstyle to the cast.

Appears Currently In: Justice League Dark

Alternative Characters:

Zatara: Everything that makes Zatanna who she is was handed down to her by her father. While he isn’t nearly as desirable as Zatanna, he could make for a cool DLC clone character.

Amethyst: A longtime sorceress character for DC Comics, Amethyst would make for a suitable magical fighter, but isn’t nearly as popular or capable as Zatanna is.

Sargon the Sorcerer: Take everything that makes Zatanna and Zatara tick, but replace their top hats with a turban. John Sargent was a magical hero with a swami stage theme, using the Ruby of Life to fuel his powers. Sargon has played both hero and villain in the past, and with a new villainess appearing with his name, he could make for an interesting left-field choice.


Resurrection Man

Injustice Wishlist - Resurrection Man


Mitch Shelley was the unwilling test subject of a nanotechnology experiment involving specialized devices called “tektites.” Shelley eventually found out he was immortal, at least in the sense that when he died, he resurrected moments later (or at most, minutes), with a new power derived from the way he died, making him a potentially powerful hero.

In Injustice:

Resurrection Man CoverThere’s been a vagrant lurking around Metropolis lately: no one knows who he is, no one cares. Usually they leave him alone, but sometimes… sometimes they don’t. When things get out of hand, some aggressive soldiers–too drunk with power and with nothing to do–like to take out their frustrations on drifters, even this one. And when they go too far, they–in fear–dispose of the body in a secret place, to be forgotten and never mentioned again.

Little do they know, this one time, that was the plan: and Resurrection Man has just been delivered right where he needs to be.

Plays Like: Mokujin, from the Tekken series.

I know I promised these characters would be based off of NetherRealm’s previous works, but Tekken‘s Mokujin best encapsulates how Resurrection Man would work. Ressurection Man would keep both the player and his opponents on their toes with his random playstyles that–in a small twist–mimic a variation of each of the other characters in Injustice. Every time he loses a round would count as him losing his life, allowing him to ressurect with a new set of abilities.

Perhaps he could even have a move that allows him to die and ressurect during gameplay–a risky move–that would allow him to pick which set of powers he acquires at the risk of getting caught off-guard. A Super move could allow him to attempt a Sacrifice move, or resurrect with a full health bar.


Resurrection Man would be one of the easiest characters for NetherRealm to design, needing little more than a wide-brimmed hat, a brown trenchcoat, a black shirt and pants. For a more interesting alternate attire, his Resurrection Man One Million look could be used.

Likelihood: Weak

While Resurrection Man certainly has his supporters, he hasn’t maintained a series very well and doesn’t seem to be anywhere on DC Comics list of priorities now. So why should NetherRealm care? Still, he’d make for an interesting character if NetherRealm took the time to design him.

Last Seen In: Resurrection Man

Alternative Characters:

Dial H: The true everyman hero, Dial H is a reoccuring concept that follows a random person–usually the teenaged Robby Reed–finding a mysterious device that offers randomized superpowers when the word “H-E-R-O” is spelled on its rotary dial. Instead of turning into random generic heroes, Robby Reed could dial up a mirror/negative-image of an Injustice character between rounds or during matches, or perhaps turn into generic heroes who mimic the other characters’ movesets.


Power Girl

Injustice Wishlist - Power Girl


Power Girl is the Supergirl of Earth 2: a world where DC’s heroes have been around a little longer and have had kids of their own to take up their legacy. Power Girl–affectionately referred to as PG by fans, creators, and other characters–has had a murky publication history. Trying to balance having two Supergirls have led DC Comics to try a slew of different origin stories for her, not only confusing her readers, but confusing PG herself. Recently, however, DC have returned her to her original origin and stuck with it, making Power Girl the matured, stronger, and more aggressive version of Supergirl, and Superman’s cousin. A world-hopping heroine, Power Girl is a true heavy hitter not just on Earth, but the entire Multiverse.

In Injustice:

Power Girl - Power Woman in Kingdom ComePower Girl has always loved her cousin Kal-El, who she’s always respected since she first landed on Earth. Lost and confused, he was the first person to teach her what it means to be a hero, to right wrongs, and to use her powers for the greater good. At first, she thought that she knew what that meant. With the world so screw up, she used to hit, and hit hard. But Kal showed her another way.

She’s traveled the Multiverse and seen plenty of worlds with evil men as powerful as Superman, some even carrying his nae… but never any that were actually her cousin Kal.

She’s tried to talk him down and wants to save him, but he won’t listen. So just like what was done to her before, she’s going to teach this world’s Kal-El a different way.

Even if she has to do it the hard way.

Plays Like: Sheeva, in Mortal Kombat (2011)

If Superman were compared to Goro or Kintaro, Power Girl would be Sheeva. Power Girl has the same powers as Superman, but a different approach to using them, often characterized as edgier and more aggressive. She may be easier on the eyes, but she may be even more fearsome than the Man of Steel himself.


Power Girl has had a few variations on her costume over the years, including a long white one piece and a sort of Supreme-like look in the New 52. But none do Power Girl justice like her timeless keyhole top costume. While it may draw more attention than it should sometimes, it’s as part of Power Girl as anything else, and sets her apart from her super-counterparts.

Likelihood: Weak

Supergirl has always been one of DC Comics’ premier heroines, especially in the last decade. Power Girl’s darker, more aggressive side would be more welcome in a game like Injustice , while still retaining the purity and purpose that Supergirl often exudes. Also, with Mortal Kombat‘s penchant for sexily designed costumes, PG’s infamous bust and sexual edge would certainly fit NetherRealm’s design style more than the youthful and innocent Supergirl. But whether Supergirl or Power Girl will be in the game at all is a good question.

Appears Currently In: World’s Finest

Alternative Characters:

Super Girl: As mentioned above, Supergirl would be the immediate substitute for Power Girl, given their backgrounds. While generally depicted as more innocent, the Supergirl of the last decade has often been written as equally aggressive as her counterpart, and could easily work.

Bulleteer - CroppedBig Barda: The amazonian-like warrior from New Genesis was once one of Granny Goodness’s Furies, and worked under Darkseid himself before converting to the side of good. Being chosen as one of Darkseid’s elite, Barda would make for a great substitute, especially given her extreme strength and dark, aggressive edge.

Bulleteer: After accidentally being bonded to “smartskin,” the Bulleteer was made indestructible and given superstrength. While she’s a virtual unknown to all but the most diligent DC readers, her unexpected presence in Injustice as perhaps an agent for a military faction trying to take down Superman could give the kind of exposure she needs.


Mr. Terrific

Injustice Wishlist - Mr. Terrific


Defining his superpower as being “a natural aptitude for having natural aptitudes,” the third smartest man in the world describes his abilities with this to say: “Everyone has a talent… Mine is learning.”

Having the ability to retain knowledge easily, Mr. Terrific is a polymath whose knowledge of medicine, science, technology, and martial arts distinguished him as an accomplished surgeon, a self-made millionaire, and a master in half a dozen martial arts. He is Bruce Lee, Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes and Stephen Hawking all rolled into one. Or, in other words, think of him as the Justice Society’s Batman.

Believing in the concept of “fair play,” he’s respected highly by both the general public and the world’s hero community, spending his time saving the world with both his brawn and his brains.

In Injustice:

After Batman and Lex Luthor, the third smartest man in the world would be a dangerous threat for Superman: that’s why Superman recruited him to join his militia, where Superman can keep an eye on him.

At first Terrific seemed to believe in Superman’s cause. But then he took a look at the world, and saw there was nothing fair about it. So he decided it was time to even the playing field.

Even under the all-seeing gaze of Superman, Mr. Terrific has his ways. But if–and when–Terrific’s ruse is discovered, will even his brillant intellect be able to counter Superman’s wrath?

Mr Terrific - New 52Plays Like: Sonya Blade, in Mortal Kombat (2011)

This may seem like an odd choice, but Mr. Terrific’s moveset should reflect his skills, like being an Olympic Gold Medalist who is highly agile, a medical surgeon who knows where all your weakest points are, and a martial artist who can kick your ass with multiple lethal moves. And whose moveset better reflects that than Sonya Blade’s?
Most notable, of course, will be his patented T-Spheres–nanotech spheres Mr. Terrific can control vocally or mentally–and can render him invisible to tech, discharge electricity, allow him to fly, create holograms decoys, strike opponents as projectiles, or explode with terrifying force. A Super could involve a beautifully executed combo, followed by a graceful backflip opening the way for a flurry of T-Spheres to come in and obliterate his foe.


Mr. Terrific has really only had two major looks: a tracksuit with and without his signature “FairPlay” jacket. So there’s no doubt how he would appear in Injustice, although maybe a Golden Age Terry Sloane look could be thrown in as an alternate attire for kicks.

Likelihood: Weak

While his series didn’t last in the New 52, this hero deserves a second chance. Being out of DC’s limelight for a while won’t help his chances, but somehow returning from his dismal fate in the pages of World’s Finest may finally bring him back into fold.

Appears Currently In:
World’s Finest

Alternative Characters:

Dr. Mid-Nite: Justice Society ally and often Mr. Terrific’s ally and partner, Mid-Nite shares Terrific’s aptitude in athleticism, fighting and medicine. Along with his trained owl, “blackout bombs” and special lens, he’d make for a great subsitute or addition to Injustice.



Injustice Wishlist - Vixen


Using the power of the Tantu Totem, Vixen can call on the power of the Red to mimic the abilities of any animal that has ever lived on Earth: including the speed of a cheetah, the proportionate strength of a Rhinoceros Beetle, the weight and density of a Bull Elephant, and the venom of a cobra.

In Injustice:

vixenWhile Batman’s forces have smarts and tenacity, they’re lacking in one department: brawn. Vixen brings both. With the world constantly monitored by godly heroes, Batman needs allies who can sneak around, and have the muscle and versatility to survive risky situations. Vixen is his most important runner, and she’d do anything to bring the world back to the way it was.

Even if it means her life.

Plays Like: Reptile and Sheeva, in Mortal Kombat (2011)

Vixen should be versatile and viscious, with a combination of speedy attacks, strong attacks, and some unique attacks. She should visually reflect her Justice League Unlimited counterpart, with nice graphical aesthetics flashing before a special move to show the animal she’s channeling.

She can have a Leopard Leap for agility and quick strikes, a Cheetah Dash for high mobility; an
Elephant Drop for stomping on foes;
a Beetle Toss that throws enemies across the stage, a Cobra acid spit attack, and an Eel Charge hold that supercharges her foe’s brain. For a Super, she could channel The Red until supercharged, takes on several animals at the same time, wearing down her enemy and then delivering a finishing strike.


Vixen’s Injustice attire should reflect her most popular look, the orange bodysuit. Personally, I’d love to see the Justice League Unlimited short haircut, but her more Halle Berry-ish look in the later pre-Flashpoint JLA comic would be just as fine. As long as it isn’t the Beast hairdo she sported in the 80’s and 90’s.

Likelihood: Weak

Vixen is certainly not on the top of DC’s priority list, but she always remains a popular choice, and has a knack for showing up when you least expect her. Will Injustice follow that trend? And considering that Cyborg recently recruited her for his back-up Justice League, is this a sign she’s coming back into the spotlight?

Appears Currently In:
Justice League

Alternative Characters:

Animal Man: Basically sharing the same powers as Vixen, Animal is as good a replacement as any. And with his renewed popularity in the New 52, he could make for a great surprise character.

B’wana Beast: Who? Yeah, you’re right. No one cares about B’wana Beast.


Andrew Bennett

Injustice Wishlist - I, Vampire


One of the breakthrough stars of DC’s New 52 reboot, Andrew Bennett is an old school vampire who doesn’t have to glitter to be cool. Possessing speed and strength, and the ability to transform into monstrous forms and mists, Andrew is a powerful hero, and occasionally a formidable villain.

I, Vampire Cover - CroppedIn Injustice:

Andrew had been fighting for years to make up for the plague of vampires he had indirectly unleashed on humanity. That is, until Superman killed them all. Without purpose, Andrew wandered the world trying to find a new goal, when he realized a new plague had fallen over humanity: the rise of superheroes. Eager to level the playing field again, the last vampire has joined Batman’s cause. But can a hero of darkness take on the champion of light?

Plays Like: Smoke, in Mortal Kombat (2011)

Andrew should be highly mobile, able to dash through enemies as a cloud of mists and come in for quick attacks, like a predator timing its strikes, wearing down its prey. It may be cliche, but Andrew would have to have a bat swarm and blood drain move to go with his other vampiric abilities.


Andrew Bennett’s New 52 look has more often than not resembled that of a Abercrombie & Fitch ad: shirtless, in tight pants, and brooding. To add presence, adding some flair from his original outfit–a more “Count” like look–plus keeping the signature white streak in his hair, could remind people that vampires can still be cool, dangerous, and mature without having to pout.

Likelihood: Weak

While popular, he’s not one of DC’s usual A-list heroes, and may not fit into Injustice‘s very superhero story. That said, NetherRealm has a history with the supernatural, and Andrew Bennett would fit in quite nicely with their usual type of characters.

Appears Currently In: I, Vampire

Alternative Characters:

LookerLooker: DC’s other heroic vampire, Looker used to be a superhero with powerful psionic abilities. After being bit by a vampire, she also gained their strengths and weaknesses. Her sex appeal and powerful abilities would make her perfect for Injustice.

Frankenstein: The undead monster is an extremely resisilent warrior, and based more off the smart and resourceful original novel Frankenstein than any of the dumb incarnations that have followed. With super strength, mental access to the S.H.A.D.E. database, and being virtually unkillable, he’d make for a tough and hard-hitting character worthy of Injustice.

Swamp Thing: An entity of the Green merged with the memories of a murdered scientist named Alec Holland, Swamp Thing is a protector of the Earth itself, and has powerful abilities that make him a literal force of nature. Having no stake in either side of Superman’s war, Swamp Thing could be a third party looking to stop the destruction before it destroys the earth.


Black Canary

Injustice Wishlist - Black Canary


One of DC’s most capable superheroines, Black Canary is known for her lethal martial arts skills and her devastating “Canary Cry,” a high-pitched sonic scream with enough concussive force to shatter steal. While more than capable of working solo, she’s known for working with partners and teams to tackle major criminal operations worldwide.

In Injustice:

Black_Canary_0003One of Batman’s top lieutenants, Black Canary is one of his most trusted allies in taking on Superman’s forces. Tactically smart and resilient, Black Canary has gotten into a few sticky situations, but her fierce determination has always proved stronger than her foes.

But Superman is onto her, and has personally almost captured her several times. Will the Canary fly free the next time she faces him?

Plays Like: Sindel, in Mortal Kombat (2011)

This may be an easy pick, but Black Canary definitely should have a sonic scream not unlike MK‘s resident undead queen. But that shouldn’t distract from her martial prowess and hard-hitting strikes, which should be balanced by her speed, agility, and precision.

Alternate Costumes:

Black Canary has been around for a long time, and every look she has has centered on her boots, her fishnet stockings, her black bodysuit, and her jacket. Her look in Injustice should be no different, although alternate costumes can reflect her jacketless-look.

Likelihood: Strong

Black Canary is one of DC’s top heroines, and with her inevitable appearance on the CW’s Arrow series, she may indeed show up. And since almost half of the confirmed Injustice roster are full of Gotham’s allies and enemies, why not Gotham’s Black Canary?

Appears Currently In: Justice League, Team 7

Alternative Characters:

Phantom LadyPhantom Lady: Often more known for her hypersexual costumes than her adventures, the Phantom Lady is a legacy role that has lasted through the decades to the present. The most recent incarnation has a host of super abilities to rely on–including light and darkness projection, teleportation, invisibility, and intangibility–making her a suitable candidate for Injustice‘s cast. Plus, her sexy costume would certainly fit in well with NetherRealm’s past characters.

Gypsy: Part of a short-lived Justice League, the later Justice League Task Force, and an expanded Birds of Prey, Gypsy is a reliable teammate with strong illusion powers, great stealth capabilities, excellent acrobatic ability, strong firearm capabilities, and is an accomplished martial artist who excels at unpredictable strikes. As a daughter-figure to Martian Manhunter, she could be the very person in Injustice who finds and frees an imprisoned Manhunter.

Lady Blackhawk: A dancer, a pilot, an alcoholic, and a soldier; Lady Blackhawk has been in many battles, with her fierce determination, fighting skills, expert marksmanship, and improvisation keeping her alive in the worst situations. Lady Blackhawk in Injustice could follow a Stryker-like design, dual-wielding pistols, using shotguns, and throwing molotov cocktails to wear down her stronger foes.



Injustice Wishlist - Constantine


DC’s premier con-man, the most interesting thing about Constantine is that he actually knows what he’s doing. At least, most of the time. But that still doesn’t get him out of trouble, trouble that sometimes gets his closest friends and associates killed. And yet, Constantine continues on doing what he knows how to do best: survive.

In Injustice:

Constantine - Hellblazer 1No one knows what side Constantine’s actually on: he’s been seen with both Superman’s militia and Batman’s rebels, yet no one knows which side he’s truly for. Is he a double agent? A triple agent? Only Constantine knows. But with the tension building up between the war of the gods, the time for Constantine to take a side is coming, and soon.

Plays Like: Quan Chi, in Mortal Kombat (2011)

Constantine is pretty capable of holding his own in a fight, but more often than not, he’s known less for his fighting and more for his magical improvisation. He should play as a mid-range distance fighter and trap-setter, luring enemies into his spells for various effects. He should also be able to summon creatures for his attacks, and evoke various status altering curses and spells.

Alternate Costumes:

If Constantine shows up in Injustice, NetherRealm should learn one thing from the Constantine movie: make him look like Constantine. This should be easy: a brown trenchcoat, white shirt and black tie usually make up Constantine’s ensemble, whether neat or unkempt.

Likelihood: Medium

Constantine was–besides Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman–the face of Vertigo, and is–besides Zatanna–the most prolific supernatural character in DC comics. With a resurgeance of support from DC, and the possibility of being a main character in Guillermo Del Toro’s proposed Dark Universe movie, Constantine could actually make it into the game.

Appears Currently In: Justice League Dark, Constantine

Alternative Characters:

tim hunterTimothy Hunter: He may seem like a Harry Potter clone, but Tim Hunter actually predates Harry by almost a decade, and is destined to be the most powerful mage the DCU has ever seen. It’s doubtful he’ll appear in any media besides comics for a long time due to Potter’s popularity, but tweaking his look could and story could help reintroduce him to the world.

Doctor Occult: An obscure but capable magical hero, he’s a semi-immortal magical detective who can transform into his partner, Rose Psychic, a woman he shares his body with. Possibly the first transgender hero in comics, the good doctor and his Symbol of Seven disc could make for an interesting character.

Faust: When Sebastien Faust was just a baby, his infamous supervillain father Felix Faust sold his soul for power. But the power his father bargained for was given to him instead, making him an emotionless soul mage who’s tried his hardest to make up for Felix’s crimes. The black sheep of the entire DCU, Faust is characterized by his ends-justify-the-means attitude, willing to sacrifice his enemies, his friends, and even his own happiness for the greater good. As one of Batman’s Outsiders, he would make for an equally suitable character.



Injustice Wishlist - Starfire


The Princess of Tamaran has been portrayed as both a beautiful, innocent girl-next-door heroine and, controversarily, an oversexualized emotionless adventurer. No matter which version you know, she’s always been a powerful warrior, wielding flight, warrior skills, and energy blasts as part of her arsenal.

In Injustice:

Starfire_1 - CroppedStarfire originally joined her fellow ex-Titan, Cyborg, as part of Superman’s force, believing it was the best possible way to keep the world from descending into the chaos she’s seen on a dozen different worlds. And for a while, their work was good. But then she saw the meek suffering, political prisoners left to die in concetration camps for their beliefs, and a land where might equaled right. And it reminded her of everything she’s ever fought against in her life, since being imprisoned once herself.

Joining her former love, Nightwing, she now fights for freedom and liberty for all, even if she has to die trying.

Plays Like: Kitana and Sindel, in Mortal Kombat (2011)

Starfire should be a highly mobile character, relying on he flight, speed, and Starbolt power to be a dangerous distance fighter and a capable melee fighter.


NetherRealm should have no trouble in making an accurate costume that also reflects most of their past Mortal Kombat femme fatales. It would be nice, for balance perhaps, to also have her Teen Titans animated costume or her more conservative spacesuit available as unlockable attires. Also, it wouldn’t be Starfire if her hair didn’t leaving a blazing trail behind her when she flies.

Likelihood: Medium

With ex-Titans Cyborg, Nightwing, and Raven in the game, Starfire would make for a popular cast choice that fits, and provides a distinct character type. And NetherRealm would have an excuse to include yet another scantily clad heroine.

Appears Currently In: Red Hood & The Outlaws

Ghost Fox KillerAlternative Characters:

Adam Strange: His emphasis on rocket-powered flight and ray gun blasts could make for an effective replacement for Starfire, his once ally during the fantastic 52 series.

Ghost Fox Killer: A female emissary from a hidden colony of Ghost Fox Women, she’s tasked with killing even men, and harvesting their souls for power. Part of China’s super-team the Great Ten, she’d make for an interesting international take on Superman’s campaign to change the world, and it’d be great to see some diversity in Injustice‘s roster.

Halo: The amalgamation of a sociopath woman and a member of the long-lived alien energy Aurakle species, Halo is an entirely new entity with amnesia who’s had to deal with the actions and memories of both of her prior halves’ lives. Her powers manifest and correspond with different colors of the light spectrum, including concussive force beams, flight, stasis beams, and more. Halo could make for a fun character with a great visual aesthetic.


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Injustice: God s Among Us is set to release April 16th to the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. You can check out all of our Injustice news coverage by pressing Batman’s menacing scowl below: