ShockSmith: Week 1

ShockSmith: Week 1

Since people responded well to the last video, I thought it’d be a good idea to track my progress with Rocksmith as I continue to play it daily. It’s a tool meant to really teach you guitar, so, with some luck, as this series progresses and I keep playing, we’ll be able to see a progression in my skill, as any good teaching tool would grant.

I should note that I’ve been playing Rocksmith since it came out, and I have a background playing guitar, but I’m at the level of skill where Rocksmith still has a lot to teach me. Hopefully it’ll follow through in the long term as it appears to do in the short term.

This week, we’ve got “A More Perfect Union” by Titus Andronicus on Master Mode, meaning that I’m playing the song completely from memory. It’s a slower song, mostly power chords and all, but it picks up eventually, and playing these songs from memory is an important skill for, you know, actual performance, unless you really want to lug around a book of tabs for every time you want to play a song.

Hit the jump to view me get much too into this. (Hey, it’s a great song.)

End results:

  • 211,504 points
  • longest streak: 273 notes
  • 97% accuracy
All from memory, which I’m rather proud of.