ShockSmith: Week 4

ShockSmith: Week 4

I feel like I’m starting to settle into a grind of sorts with Rocksmith. Most of the “fun” has started to wear off, and I’m now aware of the long road that lies ahead, much the same with actual guitar lessons. Practice, practice, practice, drill, drill, drill, so you can get the riffs down for “Icky Thump” and “We Share the Same Skies”.

There is still a lot of satisfaction in learning the songs, as there is with pulling out a tab sheet and teaching them to yourself, but it’s not the same as it once was. No more simple stuff; what lies ahead is tough and takes a lot of time and practice to do. I’m sure this is where a lot of people would start to lose interest in the game, but this is a hump that one must get over to see more and learn more.

This week’s song is “Slow Hands” by Interpol. I drilled it a lot, and I managed to get my first 100% in the game, which gave me two trophies. You can watch the performance after the break.


  • Song: Interpol – “Slow Hands” – Combo 2
  • Score: 119,085
  • Longest streak: 831
  • Accuracy: 100%