Introduces the Evo Annual $10,000 Scholarship for Gamers Introduces the Evo Annual $10,000 Scholarship for Gamers, community icon for all things regarding fighting games, has today announced an annual scholarship for students enrolled for Game Design, Game Development, or Computer Science. Long known for its dedication to bolster gaming culture and the people who make up the gaming community, this is a huge step in a positive direction on the part of SRK.

SRK Founder and President Tom Cannon wrote that the funding for the scholarship will be backed by the stream for Evo 2012, any proceeds from the stream and HD opt-ins will go toward the scholarship. That said, Mr. Cannon also personally guaranteed the scholarship by stating that if the stream does not make the money to fund the scholarship, that he will pay it personally out of his own pocket. Details to apply will be made available in July.

This kind of dedication to the community and gaming-related educational focus is absolutely inspiring to me. As a Game Design student myself, you can bet that this kind of gesture speaks to me in an incredible fashion. The Evo championships will take place July 6-8 in Las Vegas, details for the tournament can be found at the tournament’s website.