Should Final Fantasy VII be Remade?

Should Final Fantasy VII be Remade?

Yoichi Wada announced to shareholders that there were no plans to remake Final Fantasy VII until it is topped by a new original title in the franchise. There has been an ongoing outcry by many wanting this classic game to be remade for modern consoles. But, is it really a good idea for Final Fantasy VII to be remade?


Wada mentioned that Final Fantasy VII is revered as a “divine game” here in the west by many, including game studios. With the pressure to make sure the game is done correctly, would Square Enix be able to please all fans of the game? I personally worry that after the rough spots in the franchise’s history that, at the moment, an attempt at a full remake of Final Fantasy VII will divide the fanbase. Current Final Fantasy titles are proof that the fanbase has split and that new games in the series no longer resonate with some fans while they do with others.


How much updating is considered enough for a remake? Some fans want to see a version of Final Fantasy VII that is similar in design and look to more recent releases in the franchise. Other fans would enjoy to see the game remain the same but have all the models swapped out for newer models and voice acting added to the game. If Square Enix goes one way or the other this could actually hurt the design of the game or cause the game to lose what made it special to many in the first place. I personally fall into the second group, because I feel that the game will lose its charm with a full-on remake that will change the whole feel of the original. Square Enix needs to find a balance between both to satisfy both sets of fans, which is a difficult task for any developer.


Wada feels until a new Final Fantasy title can exceed the sales of Final Fantasy VII, a remake for the game should not be attempted. This shows that Square Enix is trying to focus its resources on newer titles instead of working on remaking an older title. Fans desire many sequels from Square Enix, and I would rather they spend time working on a sequel to a franchise like Chrono Trigger. To remake Final Fantasy VII would require many resources to be taken off of new titles or titles currently in development such as Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy Versus XIII.


The biggest issue to many fans may be the current track record of Square Enix. Many fear, with all the missteps taken with most recent Final Fantasy games, that Square Enix will not be able to do justice to a remake. All the issues that plagued Final Fantasy XIV on release were perfect examples of believing that maybe Square Enix should not make the attempt. This combined with the fact that Final Fantasy XIII proved to be a title that divided the fanbase more so than earlier entries in the series. But, on portable’s such as the PSP and Nintendo DS, Square Enix has shown solid titles that are very good games that have the charm of Final Fantasy titles of the past.

Final Fantasy VII is a game appreciated by many and there is no way to know if a remake is the right or wrong way to go because it could be great or divide the fans even further. This will always be a divisive topic at hand in the game industry, but for the time being, according to Yoichi Wada, gamers should not expect a remake of Final Fantasy VII anytime soon.