Shovel Knight Dungeon Duels The Board Game Relaunches on Kickstarter Today

Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels has relaunched its Kickstarter campaign with a lower funding goal and new pledge levels for a lower cost board game.

Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels The Board Game originally launched on Kickstarter in early July. Unfortunately for developer Cult Panda Games, the project was met with quite a bit of criticism. They canceled the campaign a few days later and promised to regroup and restructure. The game has now been relaunched with a new pledge level that reduces the base price to something more manageable.

Originally, the board game was completely miniature-based. This drove the base price up to $70, a little too much of an investment for some fans. With the relaunch, the team has introduced a “2D Edition” which replaces all the minis with cardboard standees. This new edition is priced at $40, which is a much easier pill to swallow. Both editions include the exact same components, the 3D Edition just adds the minis to the package.

The game has a really nifty game board. Each round, tiles will rotate through as your characters move along, effectively translating a side-scrolling dungeon to the analog world. You’ll use a combination of dice and cards to fight off the evil forces of the Order of No Quarter. To make the boss battles even more interesting, each boss has their own A.I. card deck.

Dungeon Duels relaunch Kickstarter also has a lower goal than the original one. The first campaign was seeking $80,000, while the new one is only looking for $70,00. In addition to the lower cost of the 2D Edition, this should make it much easier for the new campaign to succeed. Give the game a look on Kickstarter if you’re a Shovel Knight fan.

While you wait for the board game to come out, go play some Shovel Knight. The game is available on pretty much everything at this point.

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