Shovel Knight Characters Have Been Added to Brawlhalla

Shovel Knight Characters Have Been Added to Brawlhalla

Shovel Knight and a few of his adversaries have been added to Brawlhalla as stand ins with new sound and visuals to match the source material.

Shovel Knight characters have been added to free-to-play fighter Brawlhalla in a free update and the first crossover event for the game.

All of the Shovel Knight characters have been added as crossover skins for pre-existing characters within Brawlhalla. Shovel Knight stands in for Gnash, Plague Knight for Caspian, King Knight for Sir Roland, Black Knight for Orion, and Specter Knight for Nix. While they may be stand ins,  new lock-in animations, sounds, and visual effects for signature attacks have been added as well making it more than a palette swap. Publisher Ubisoft stated that Caspian’s bombs are replaced with potions when playing as Plague Knight as one of the examples of these differences.

A new Shovel Knight-themed map has been added to the game as well, available in Free for All, 1v1, and 2v2 matches.

“We’ve had an amazing time working with the team at Blue Mammoth Games and Ubisoft to bring Shovel Knight to Brawlhalla,” said a Yacht Club Games representative. “It’s so cool seeing so many knights from the Shovel Knight series battle it out in Brawlhalla’s style, and we hope fans enjoy playing as their favorite knight!”

This won’t be the end of crossovers, as Rayman will be joining the roster on November 6. The free character rotation has also been increased from six to eight. You can get Brawlhalla on PlayStation 4 and PC now, with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions arriving November 6, 2018.