Yacht Club Director Wants to Keep Making Shovel Knight Games for “A Long Time”

Yacht Club Director Wants to Keep Making Shovel Knight Games for “A Long Time”

Shovel Knight's adventures will go on long past Shovel Knight Dig.

With Treasure Trove finished, the future of Shovel Knight is murky. Will the upcoming Shovel Knight Dig be the last of our lil’ blue knight’s adventures? In a recent interview with the Nintendo Power Podcast, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove director Sean Velasco and artist Sandy Gordon emphasized that Shovel Knight isn’t going anywhere.

In the interview, host and self-professed superfan of the series, Chris Slate, fields fan questions to Velasco and Gordon. Eventually, the topic of the series’ future understandably comes up. “The Shovel Knight saga of games has come to a close within Treasure Trove but we hope for many adventures in the future with Shovel Knight y’know,” says Gordon. “Hopefully we’ll be able to continue making Shovel Knight games for a long time and Dig is most likely going to be the next one that comes out.”

Gordon is referencing Shovel Knight Dig there, Yacht Club Games’ next title in development. It doesn’t have the same style as other titles, but of course, it’s still pixelated and features the series’ staple soundtrack. In this title, you play as Shovel Knight and dig deep into the earth, defeating enemies while collecting gems and powerful items. Shovel Knight Dig was announced on August 28 last year, but no release date has been announced yet.

The reassurance of more Shovel Knight from developers may be what fans needed after Yacht Club’s productive 2019. Not only did the developer finish working on Treasure Trove, which initially launched all the way back in 2014, but they also launched Shovel Knight Showdown, a platform fighting game, late last year. That leaves the team with only one more title in the series to work on with Dig. 

Of course, neither Velasco or Gordon hinted at what may be coming in the series’ future. Until then, you can check out our review of Showdown here and watch the trailer for Dig down below.