Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Showdown Delayed

Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Showdown Delayed

Shovel Knight's send-off will be a little later than expected, but promises to be polished and complete for all platforms.

Yacht Club Games (Yacht Club from here on out) has announced via their blog that the final wave of Shovel Knight content has been delayed. The final two expansions, Amiibo, and the physical bundles for Switch and PS4 have been delayed for “several months– at most,” according to Yacht Club’s blog post.

The reason for the delay is polish and multi-team coordination, since launching these four products simultaneously is still Yacht Club’s priority. They want to have all the content on disc/cartridge for the physical releases and have these two full-fledged game expansions polished to their high standards for Shovel Knight. When addressing the initial disappointment fans may feel (I know I did), Yacht Club said this in their post,

“We realize the delay is disappointing. To communicate better with everyone moving forward, we will not be announcing a new date until we know one for sure, from all partners involved. All builds shipped out, updates ready to launch, for everybody and everyone. We will announce it for good once it is 100% all across the board!”

There is hope to be found in the delay though. The team promised updates more frequently since the delay is not major and teased impending trailers. With PAX East coming up, it’s not hard to imagine more being shown off where Shovel Knight was back in 2013. More insight was also shared for each element in progress, giving a glimpse behind this final stretch of development.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards will have over 30 levels, but are much shorter than previous levels in the series. Yacht Club is putting a huge emphasis on polishing these levels. Shovel Knight Showdown is getting its own Story Mode, plus all the stages, characters, and AI had to be created and balanced.

Yacht Club has also been making sure King Knight’s campaign will fit on the 3DS, as to not leave this final campaign out of one of the game’s original platforms. Localization for nine languages is also being done, plus testing every game and expansion on 10 different platforms for bugs. Yacht Club says they will not announce a date until they have a date locked in for future projects too.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Shovel Knight Showdown are the final two expansions and were set to be released simultaneously on April 9, alongside the Amiibo triple pack and the physical edition of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. This will also delay the fourth and final vinyl soundtrack releaseKing of Cards allows players to play as King Knight through an entirely new campaign with new levels, while Showdown is a Smash Bros. style brawler with all sorts of characters from the game. You can check out new screenshots for both games in the gallery below.