"Show Us Your Moves" Contest Winners!!!

We would first of all like to thank everyone who participated and who showed an interest in our super-awesome PlayStation Move giveaway. This is probably our biggest giveaway to date, so all the support and participation is very much appreciated. Everyone’s video was great, and we, as a team, had a great time watching them – and laughing, more times than not. See, wasn’t a video contest fun? You see Al and Joel on screen all the time, and you have ample opportunity to make fun of them. Now it’s our turn! You knew this was coming! Okay, so I won’t publicly humiliate you, I promise.

After the break you’ll find the three winners, in order, which we thought were the greatest of all the videos submitted for the “Show Us Your Moves” contest. Hit the break, and prepare yourselves!

Our grand prize goes to KIZMA on our forums, otherwise known an “Super Ninja Man” to the staff. You, sir, made us laugh, while awing us with your super-awesome ninja skills. I hope no vases or expensive equipment was harmed in the making of this video. Also, for all you YouTube commenters who think he is actually using PlayStation Move controllers, you are wrong. They are mock-ups. Congrats, dude. Enjoy your new PS3 Move bundle! We’ll be in touch.

First prize goes to KGil7. Shoving your kid around like that, then having him come back for revenge, made us laugh out loud. Seems you have the size advantage over him, but hey, we don’t judge! Congrats, you take home a PlayStation Move Sports Champions bundle, so now the little guy can knock you over the head with something other than a pillow!

Finally, we have our runner up, MilkMaid38DDD. While we appreciate you spelling out your bra size for us, we assure you it wasn’t necessary to win! We were all staring at our screens when we were finished watching this video, wondering what in the hell just happened. Also, turning embedding off = fail. But, hey, you made us laugh enough to score yourself a $50 PSN card to spend to your heart’s content. For anyone who wants to see it, here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl4gLpQ81ik

That is it, folks! I’d like to once again thank everyone for entering. We will be featuring posts with everyone else’s entries in them, so the great videos that we didn’t choose to receive one of the prizes will get some time in the limelight. Don’t forget to follow DualShockers on Twitter and Facebook for more chances to win codes and other goodies all the time!

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