Netflix’s The Witcher Series Gets New Information

Netflix’s The Witcher Series Gets New Information

Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich says The Witcher series will have eight episodes and that the show may premiere sometime in 2020.

Ever since Netflix announced that they were adapting The Witcher into a series, fans have been eagerly awaiting any sort of news about the project.  Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich took to Twitter this week to share a few things about how the fantasy series is progressing.

Two of the most important questions on the fans’ minds have been about casting information and when the show will premiere.  While Hissrich said she had nothing on who has been casted yet, she did give a possible premiere date of 2020 while adding, “who knows?!” While it is far off, it would give them enough time to make sure the acclaimed story is getting the attention and quality it deserves.

The showrunner also tweeted that she show will only have eight episodes. While that may not seem like much, many of Netflix’s shows have episodes that are well over an hour. She points out that because of this, the series can be action-packed and rich in story without allowing it to drag somewhere around the middle of the season.

In addition, Hissrich also says that while the pilot is finished, the rest of the episodes are still in the works, and new writers will be joining soon.  She added that the show will be filmed in eastern Europe.

Hissrich has been engaging with fans of The Witcher on Twitter for a while now, while previously tweeting the show wouldn’t be “watered down”. Hopefully, she will continue to give us some insight about what we can expect.

You can check out Hissrich’s Twitter thread about The Witcher series below.