Shu Yoshida: Games Like The Last of Us Will be More Impactful on PS4; Will Cross the Uncanny Valley

Sony Computer Entertainmeent Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida is is never afraid to show his enthusiasm and passion for gaming, and during the latest episode of the official PlayStation Blogcast he was asked what upcoming trends of gaming excite him the most. His answer was definitely interesting:

One exciting aspect of what’s gonna happen during the PS4 era is that finally the games will cross the uncanny valley problem. The E3 Demo by Quantic Quantic Dream, the Dark Sorcerer… Many people the first time when they saw it, couldn’t tell “is it live video or CG?” It was real time, and it’s so amazing to be able to just cut a digital character and get how the character is feeling. That’s where the game movement on the high end is going, so the great stories and games like The Last of Us, when these developers have the PS4 as canvas, those emotional moments will be even more impactful.

Yoshida-san also mentioned that he’s very excited about the interaction features of livestreaming on PS4. He’s hearing a lot from game designer about efforts made in the direction of enhancing that kind of experience and providing tools to play with other people.

For those that are unfamiliar with the definition of “uncanny valley” is a concept that expresses that area of aesthetics in which the imitation of human features is close to the real thing, but not close enough to feel natural, causing a sensation of unease and even revulsion in the observer. “Crossing the uncanny valley” means moving past that area and reaching a level of realism that allows the imitation of human features to look natural.

As a final funny note Yoshida-san explained the origin of his “Yosp” nickname, that he uses on Twitter, on PSN and basically everywhere else. Apparently it comes from a time past in which he was a “more aggressive and meaner manager” in his late twenties. A young lady was moving to another department of Sony, and they had a party during which she had a speech. She mentioned how she was bullied by this “YoshiPii” person, with the “Piii” being the noise made to censor a a word that isn’t meant to be said in the broadcast. So “YoshiP” became his nickname and “Yosp” was born from that as his handle.

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