Shuhei Yoshida Talks PS Vita TV and its Audience: “We received a Tremendous Response from the West”

Shuhei Yoshida Talks PS Vita TV and its Audience: “We received a Tremendous Response from the West”

As President of SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida is one of the men closest to the development of PS Vita TV, even more so considering that his Japan Studio focuses a lot on Sony’s portable console, but what about the upcoming version that isn’t portable (or at least not as portable)? Yoshida-san gave some more insight on its birth, its potential targets and even on the response received from Western gamers as part of an interview on the Japanese tech site AV Watch.

Here’s a summary of the most relevant points he made:

Yoshida-san mentions that he considers the PS Vita TV a very interesting product, and that he has been looking forward to announcing it. During the development of the Portable Vita, an internal discussion started at Sony on creating a group of devices based on the capabilities of the PS Vita. A variety of prototypes were created, but in the end the PS Vita TV came on top.

According to him, the target of the console will be roughly divided in two. One part will be made by “very casual users”, that will want to mainly enjoy video services and browse the internet, without having games as their main focus.

The other part will be made by PlayStation users that already have a lot of PS Vita digital games, and will be able to re-download them for free as soon as they buy the PS Vita TV. Having both devices allow them to play on the go, and immediately resume at home thanks to the cloud saves.

In addition to that, when the PS4 will be released, they’ll be able to enjoy remote play in other rooms. If the internet is good, the Vita TV can also easily be carried outside and play PS4 games. It can be considered a companion device that can add to the fun provided by PlayStation and PlayStation Plus.

Yoshida-san continues by saying that those considerations may vary by region.

Yesterday we announced the release in Asia, but we received a tremendous response from western people already. They seem to think of it as a sort of extender for the PS4 to enjoy PS4 games in other rooms. Customers said things like “Since I have multiple TVs in the house, I want to buy a PS Vita TV for each one.”

Also, in the future it’ll be a device suitable for playing games via the Gaikai cloud, and that is also highly valued.

Yoshida-san concludes by saying that while the company enjoys the enthusiasm around the PS Vita TV, it’s not a new platform, and doesn’t require the same commitment. Sony won’t collapse if the PS Vita TV won’t sell well.  he feels that it’s a very interesting attempt towards a future in which the PlayStation environment will become closer to a service.

Personally, I can only hope that the “tremendous response” from the west will soon result into a western release announcement. I can’t wait to be able to play Persona 4 Golden on my TV.