Shujinkou Is a New JRPG That Teaches You Japanese

Shujinkou is a creative game that allows you to learn Japanese why playing an epic story-driven JRPG.

August 3, 2020

Japanese seems to be a complicated language to learn, but Shujinkou, a new JRPG from Rice Games, is supposed to teach you how to speak in Japanese more or less.

While some may assume games as a way of entertaining without any certain purposes, there are many things that you can do much easier with games. Nowadays, many people around the world are using games as a way of learning new skills such as a new language. Shujinkou is a 2D JRPG that invites you to an interesting adventure where you can learn new things about the Japanese language while being challenged by the main mechanics of the game.

As the trailer above reveals, there are various gameplay mechanics in Shujinkou, providing a different experience in each mission, while allowing you to learn Japanese through multiple ways. According to the developers, you will get to learn Japanese from JLPT N5 to N3 standard in the game.

Over 50 hours of story-telling will let you learn more about writing and speaking in Japanese. Personally, I’d love to learn Japanese as a new language, but it has always seemed too complicated for me that I’ve never tried it so far. But Shujinkou could possibly be an easier way for me to examine the basic levels of the language while playing a fun game.

Aside from Shujinkou, there are lots of other games out there that will teach you Japanese throughout an RPG experience. Kanji Combat is probably one of the best-known games for this purpose. You can find more about these types of games on Steam if you really want to learn a new language while playing games.

Featuring anime-style graphics, Shujinkou seems to be a low-spec-friendly title that will be coming to PC along with PS4 and Nintendo Switch in 2021. No next-gen version has been announced yet.

Mehrdad Khayyat

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