Shut Up! Ubisoft Motion Pictures is for Real

Shut Up! Ubisoft Motion Pictures is for Real


Iconic developer Ubisoft has created their own movie studio called Ubisoft Motion Pictures. The studio will focus on making movie adaptations of video games. This concept isn’t new to Ubisoft. They collaborated with powerhouse film maker Disney for the big screen adaptation of Prince of Persia last year. Even though it was reportedly decent, it was still widely considered to be another throw-away video game movie. Yup.

Speaking of Disney, Jean de Rivieres, the former topper of distribution at the French branch of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures will handle marketing and international sales at UMP. Furthermore, Jean-Julien Baronnet will run the studio and Gallic producer Didier Lupfer will head production and development. All these fine folks have vast experience in the film industry.

Without doubt, Ubisoft holds a number of gaming franchises that could make for wonderfully entertaining films. However, because game based movies are normally not worth the time needed to watch them,  I feel skeptic that they’ll fair much better than Hollywood with the beloved franchises. Perhaps they’ll prove me wrong and churn out a game movie that doesn’t suck indefinitely.