Shutter Island Game Released, 2D Click-fest Anyone?

Shutter Island is a box office movie from Martin Scorsese starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  While many people may be looking forward to it, the game is a 2D “hidden object adventure” game similar to the likes of Myst and other 43-floppy diskette set games from the early 90s.  While the game has seemingly good graphics for its genre, some argue its genre is one that should probably no longer exist.  In Shutter Island you will do things like click the environment, have discussions, and complete math problems portrayed as mini-games.

This is a casual game meant for casual gamers.  It is released on casual gaming sites such as BigFish Games and sells for $6.99 with a free one hour demo available to try.  The graphics look well drawn, and the atmosphere and sound design indeed creepy and intriguing.  The storyline even sounds a bit interesting.  Leo’s character, Teddy Daniels, is on an island housing an insane asylum where the locked up have disappeared.

A few minutes of game play footage and an hour with the demo should give you enough time to judge for yourself what you think about the game.  It seems like Merscom games is just cashing in on casual gamers who happen to watch movies.  Also, for some reason the game could not be ported to older PCs very well as the download page on BigFish Games will warn you.  Truly surprising since its only a point and click adventure!  I’m all for downloadable games, so if this game is your type of thing then by all means enjoy.  For anyone who feels this is a poor adaption of a movie to a game, please take a look and let us know what you think this game is lacking.


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