Sidhe Shatters The Price On The Shatter OST

I recall back to E3, when I had my first chance to play Shatter, (however, it was shut down for the day when I got there, so I never actually got to play it at E3) I had heard from Glenn Percival, that it was a PSN title to definitely look forward to. Fast forward to July 23, 2009 and the game hit the PSN. The game managed to meet all the hype and I actually scored it an 8/10.

Shatter has, what I think is, the best soundtrack for a downloadable title this year. The soundtrack is a majestic electronica soundscape, each song added something different, and as a whole the soundtrack really enhanced gameplay, by putting you in a trance. The soundtrack makes me think of Daft Punk as well as the Death From Above 1979 and Architecture in Helsinki remix albums.

Now that you all know that the soundtrack is absofreakinlutely amazing, let’s get to the meat of this matter. In celebration to receiving IGNs PSN Game of the Year, Sidhe is offering the entire OST for a minimum price of $1; however, you can pay more if you would like. This offer is lasting from right now until Christmas day, so make sure that you take advantage of this amazing deal. I provided the track listing with times as well, so you can see what you are going to be getting for your money. WAAAAAAAAAY more value than a double cheese burger, see, the Shatter OST will save your life by making it so you have to give up that burger today. I, for one, have already purchased this, and I will be listening to it while I study for all of my finals this week.

  1. Kinetic Harvest 06:36
  2. Aurora 07:28
  3. Granular Extractor 06:31
  4. Krypton Garden 06:29
  5. Freon World 07:29
  6. Amethyst Caverns 05:15
  7. Neon Mines 06:02
  8. Argon Refinery 08:50
  9. Xenon Home World 06:18
  10. The End Of The World 06:45
  11. Boss Music (all sections) 03:01
  12. Homelands (Credits Music) 05:17
  13. Glass Halls (Menu Music) 02:51
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