Cool Sifu Mod Lets Players Take Down Enemies as Street Fighter's Sakura

Another Sifu mod has entered the scene, and this one pits players against the game's enemies as Street Fighter's schoolgirl fighter Sakura.

August 1, 2022

Sloclap’s Sifu brought high-action hand-to-hand combat from classic Asian kung-fu films to a modern-day setting, letting players fight through crowds of enemies in a quest for revenge. Fans praised its cinematic fight scenes and satisfying gameplay, though many were unsatisfied with the game’s length. With so many players eager for more Sifu content, the game quickly became the perfect foundation for modding.

While we’ve seen a few Sifu mods so far, this one brings a Street Fighter favorite into the game. Now, players can transform the game’s main character and battle through China as schoolgirl fighter, Sakura.


Take Down NPCs In Sifu As Street Fighter’s Sakura

Sifu’s original protagonist is the son of a martial arts school’s sifu, and this mod lets players imagine the adventure through a female character’s eyes. Modder Dodylectable recreated Street Fighter 5’s Sakura, dressed in her Nostalgia outfit.

Sakura, an energetic schoolgirl obsessed with Ryu, is an incredibly talented fighter. Her ability to hold her own makes her an excellent choice for the all-out brawl of Sifu. After all, her techniques are all based off of Ryu’s, making her a formidable fighter all on her own. Even cooler, Dodylectable created multiple versions of the Sakura model, so she ages on-game as the protagonist does.

The mod doesn’t stop there – all of Sakura’s facial bones are rigged, letting her speak and blink with the same level of realism as the original game’s model. That, tied with tie and skirt physics, makes the already-cinematic fight shots all the more epic.

YouTuber Kuroha Zone shows off gameplay with this mod in their video down below. Sakura shows off a similarly cool move set in the game as she does in Street Fighter, showing off her expertise as a martial arts fighter. The clothing physics are particularly impressive; seeing the fabric whip around as she lands roundhouse kicks truly shows how powerful she is. It’s an incredibly cool way to incorporate one of gaming’s strongest female fighters into another popular game!

You can find Dodylectable’s mod on Nexus mods if you’d like to try it out yourself! There are other Street Fighter Sifu mods out there as well, translating some of the game’s most iconic characters into hand-to-hand combat fighters. Otherwise, Sifu is available on PS4, PS5, and PC.

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