New PS3 SKU Just In Time For GOWIII?

January 20, 2010

While cruising through the “Hot Deals” thread on the forums, I came across one that really grabbed my attention. A user by the name of ‘pacificvibes’ posted up a deal that he had received at his local Target store. He noticed that the 250gb PS3 “slim” model had been placed on clearance from 349.99 down to $244.98. He thought he might have gotten lucky, and while reading it I thought the same. After posting it up on the forums however, other users decided to try their luck in their prospective areas, and guess what, it was no fluke. There are 6 pages full of other users’ success stories in the same thread. It hasn’t been in all markets and states but many have reported similar deals.

This in turn made me do a bit of my own investigating. I thought to myself, what would make Sony not replenish their supply of their flagship SKU? Well It could be a certain AAA title they have releasing in March. Perhaps a bundle’s on the way? Well it sure seems that way.

I ran a couple searches, and on Amazon’s french site turned up with this. And while 349 Euros may not seem like that great of a bargain, think about it like this the Uncharted 2 bundle sells for 399 Euros. Something is definitely up.

Amazon’s North American site doesn’t have anything of the sort. And still have the 250gb SKU listed at $349. Then I remembered how long Amazon sits on stock for as they had PS3 “fat” systems well into the holidays, so there’s no way to really tell how long they would be sitting on 250gb SKU’s anyway.

However I wouldn’t stop there. I proceeded to then check the big box retailer everyone loves to hate, Best Buy. I searched store availability by zip code and I entered  10001, which is the midtown and downtown Manhattan (New York City) stores. Just to put things in perspective for you, the stores in this particular district make more than any stores in the entire Best Buy chain combined. So, I think it would be safe to assume, that if anyone’s doing re-ording, it’s  going to be them, post-holiday season or not. Yet, every single store in the area is completely sold out. Don’t believe me, take look for your self.

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Although we haven’t officially heard of any upcoming PS3 bundles, usually when consoles stop showing up at stores it means there clearing space on shelves for whatever is on it’s way. There are huge titles hitting shelves in the coming months, however the biggest without a doubt has got to be Santa Monica Studio’s God Of War III. Stay tuned as we’ll continue to investigate this further and request a statement from Sony.

Oh and by the way, if you were still on the fence about the PS3, I recommend checking your local target store ASAP!

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