Silent Hill 4: The Room Returns to PC via GOG Today

Silent Hill 4: The Room Returns to PC via GOG Today

Silent Hill 4 is once again available on PC and can now be played on modern devices.

Over the past week, Konami has shown a propensity to bring back some of its games from yesteryear to PC to make them more widely available. As of today, that trend has continued, with a notable addition from the publisher’s most iconic horror series making a return just in time for the year’s spookiest season.

Once again via GOG, Konami has now re-released Silent Hill 4: The Room on the marketplace today. Originally released on PC back in 2004, this new iteration of Silent Hill 4 makes the game accessible on modern setups and is only retailing for $9.99. While it’s not the most beloved or iconic entry in the Silent Hill saga, The Room definitely has its own hardcore group of fans that are certainly thrilled by this move.

While Konami in recent years hasn’t been doing much with its iconic licenses, it’s honestly really good to see them being so proactive to bring some of these older titles back to PC. Within the past week alone, PC users have gained access to titles like Metal Gear SolidMetal Gear Solid 2, and now Silent Hill 4. Making old games accessible on PC is something that I’ve wanted nearly all publishers in the industry to do more of over the years, so good on Konami for actually beginning to do this.

Whether or not Konami has even more games that it’s planning to bring over to GOG in short order remains to be seen, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a PC version of Metal Gear Solid 3 in the meantime.