Silent Hill: Book of Memories Release Date Pushed Back

on March 25, 2012 1:22 PM

Konami, speaking with RipTen, has confirmed that “Book of Memories has been delayed,” and advises readers to “stay tuned for a more formal announcement.” This marks the second time Book of Memories has been pushed back, the first being a push from February into March in an attempt to have the release coincide with both Downpour and the Silent Hill HD Collection.

Book of Memories was slated for release this Tuesday, the 27th. Retailers Amazon and Gamefly have adjusted their advertised release dates to May 31st, though without official word from Konami this new date is by no means set in stone. To get your fix in the meantime, Downpour came out a few weeks ago, and Silent Hill and SH2 are both available for download on the PSN.

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