Silent Hill Art Director Releases Concept Art from Cancelled Silent Hill Game

Ito-san apologizes that he couldn't upload the "high-reso version" of the art. It's small, but work's reveal remains more than we would have received without his tweet.

on March 16, 2017 9:22 PM

Masahiro Ito has been designing monsters and art for Silent Hill titles since the original installment. His work as an art director for Silent Hill 2 brought to life one of the most recognizable figures from the entire series: Pyramid Head. Today, Ito-san revealed a piece of concept art, albeit a small one, from a since cancelled Silent Hill game.

Revealed via Ito-san’s Twitter account, the the text accompanying the image tells us that the art was for an early section of a game being made in 2013. While fielding some responses to the tweet, Ito-san pointed out that he couldn’t talk about the art too extensively since it would reveal “some metaphors of [the game’s] story.”

However, one detail Ito-san did point out was that he was not involved with P.T. It seems that this would imply that the concept art was to a completely different Silent Hill title cancelled before the Silent Hills‘ playable teaser was released in 2014.

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