Silent Hill Creator Reveals New Concept Artwork, Details On His Next Game With Bokeh Studio

Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama explained his new game will have several horror game elements, will still be an enjoyable experience for the players.

February 15, 2021

Keiichiro Toyama, the main creator of Silent Hill, Siren, and Gravity Daze, revealed new details on his next game. As a reminder, Keiichiro Toyama announced the foundation of Bokeh Game Studio back in December 2020, leaving Sony Interactive Entertainment after 20 years. Now, on February 15. Bokeh Studio published a new video featuring Toyama. The video most notably reveals several concept artwork. We’ve included them in the gallery below.

In the video, Keiichiro Toyama first brought up his history with games and how he’s been playing since childhood. After joining an art school, he realized he wanted to become a game creator. Now, he felt like Sony has grown larger and larger, always aiming for a wide, worldwide audience possible with its games. However, he wanted to keep creating games based on his own style.

Next, Keiichiro Toyama explained the inspirations and motivations behind his new game. He most notably said it will be darker than his recent games like Gravity Daze.

The first game by Bokeh will include several horror game elements. However, he stressed out the game won’t be a complete horror game and will be an enjoyable experience.

He most notably brought up death game type of stories (Danganronpa is a good example) and how these include fun elements despite their brutality. Depicting normal people suddenly thrown out of their ordinary life into unrealistic situations.

Next, Keiichiro Toyama explained how his vision of horror rests not on showing scary elements to the player, but making them challenge and reconsider what they consider normal.

Lastly, Toyama also brought up how his games often focus on a particular setting, like a city or a village. So he’s currently inspiring himself looking at maps and such.

Bokeh Game Studio Focus – Keiichiro Toyama

Other founders of Bokeh Game Studio. alongside Toyama, are Kazunobu Sato, who worked on Siren and The Last Guardian, and Junya Okura, who also worked on the Siren series, and was a lead game designer on both Gravity Rush games.

Akira Yamaoka recently teased a new project which might be Silent Hill related.

Bokeh Game Studio previously announced the game is coming to PC in 2023.

Keep in mind these are concept arts. It’s entirely possible some of these won’t even show up in the final game.

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