Silent Hill Downpour Details, Scored by Dexter Composer Daniel Licht

By John Colaw

January 24, 2011

The game formerly known as simply “Silent Hill 8” now has an official subtitle; Downpour. Not only that, Konami has also announced the music composer for the game. This is not usually a big deal to most people, except that in this case the music is being done by Daniel Licht, best known for his work on incredible (so I’m told) Dexter. Yeah. That’s right. Silent Hill Downpour is a brand new entry in the series, returning to a male lead in the character of Murphy Pendleton; a convict whose prison bus crashed. He wakes up to find himself in, well…Silent Hill.

Check out a wide selection of screenshots from the game, as well as a clip from the soundtrack after the break. You guys wanna know a secret? I’ve never played a single Silent Hill game, and I’ve only seen maybe three episodes of Dexter. Let the nerd rage commence.

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