Silent Hill Project Seems to Be Real as Twitter Locks Out Leaker for Sharing its Shots

If there is nothing going on, then why bother locking out the leaker's account?

May 13, 2022

A leaker on Twitter had their account locked after sharing some screenshots that are claimed to have been captured from an upcoming Silent Hill game.

If you are a fan of the Resident Evil series, then you probably know AestheticGamer on Twitter, a leaker who is pretty well-known for their Capcom-related info, which mostly turns out to be true.

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It’s been a while since AestheticGamer insists on the existence of a Silent Hill project, and recently, the leaker shared some screenshots from this project, claiming that they have been captured from the 2020 build of the game.

AestheticGamer Twitter Account Was Locked Soon After Sharing the First-Ever Screenshots from the New Silent Hill Project

Unfortunately, soon after sharing these screenshots, the Twitter account of AestheticGamer was locked out, leaving the leaker no choice other than to remove the screenshots from the tweet to avoid a permanent ban. Hopefully, someone managed to take a screenshot from AestheticGamer’s tweet before the images disappear. You can find that screenshot by checking out the tweet’s comments.

In the descriptions of the message from Twitter about locking the leaker’s account, it has been mentioned that Twitter has received a DMCA about the images, proving that they are copyrighted screenshots.

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Aside from the shots, AestheticGamer claimed that they have received some solid evidence about the Silent Hill project, but they just can’t share them on the internet and should wait until the official announcement of the game. The leaker also mentioned that they believe there is more than one Silent Hill title in the works.

While you should still take this information with a grain of salt, this is probably the most impressive information we have ever had about a Silent Hill project in the past few years.

Next month, there will be a number of big game showcases, and we might finally be able to witness something official about Silent Hill if we are lucky enough.

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