Silicon Studio Gives Glimpse of Black Desert Online’s Future Graphics Improvement

Silicon Studio Gives Glimpse of Black Desert Online’s Future Graphics Improvement

Black Desert Online is probably the MMORPG with the best graphics on the market, and will get even better.

Back in November, Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss announced a tech partnership with Silicon Studio, with the two companies promising to work together on engine development and research on graphics, and today we finally see the first results.

Silicon Studio, that most probably know for its work on the Bravely JRPG series, but that is also a prominent provider of middleware and technology for game development, just released a new trailer of its popular Yebis optics and post-effects middleware, showing how it applies to Black Desert Online‘s already gorgeous visuals.

Silicon Studio CEO Takehiko Terada accompanied the press release with a comment:

“I thought that of Black Desert Online’s realistic graphics were suitable to demonstrate the cutting edge technology of YEBIS. We are pleased with the response of the audience as expected, and we look forward to cooperating with Pearl Abyss in the future.”

 Pearl Abyss intendos to apply Yebis’ graphic effects introduced at GDC to Black Desert Online, is cooking  a “full-scale graphic remastering” for the game.

PearlAbyss Program Division Team Lead Choi Chang-ae added a comment of his own:

“This video is only a small part of what we’re working on. We are constantly trying our best to provide users with a better visual experience in keeping with the evolution of hardware. Players will be able to venture through Black Desert with enhanced graphics later this year.”


You can check out the video for yourself below.

Black Desert Online is currently available exclusively for PC, published by Kakao Games. Just a few days ago, it received a brand new class, the Dark Knight, and will soon get a new expansion, implementing the Elven lands of Kamasylvia.