Advanced PC/PS4 Rendering Engine Mizuchi by Silicon Studio Gets Amazing Screenshots, Video and Info

Advanced PC/PS4 Rendering Engine Mizuchi by Silicon Studio Gets Amazing Screenshots, Video and Info

You probably know Silicon Studio for the development of Bravely Default, but if you follow our site regularly, you probably know that the developer also works on middleware, including the advanced rendering engine Mizuchi, currently in the works for PC and PS4 in view of an official launch this summer.

Today the developer released a brand new video featuring the engine, alongside its optics middleware Yebis 3, and its cross-platform engine Paradox. In addition to that, they also released some spectacular new screenshots of Mizuchi. You can check them all out at the bottom of the post.

We also got some more data about what the engine can offer to developers, and how it will integrate with their own tech.


Physically Based Rendering

With Mizuchi’s physically based rendering engine, users can easily achieve rich material expression that stands up under any lighting conditions in real-time. Materials that can be expressed includes, metal, wood, glass, cloth and leather.

High Customizability

Mizuchi provides an easily customizable rendering pipeline to meet the various needs of any project. Design and build your own rendering pipeline.

Integration of “Mizuchi” Runtime

Users can benefit from beautiful and realistic visuals by replacing the rendering component of their game engine with Mizuchi.

Workflow of “Mizuchi”

Mizuchi provides seamless workflow from DCC tools to runtime.

  1. Export popular texture and model file formats created from paint and DCC tools.
  2. Author material and lighting using Mizuchi editing tool.
  3. Export scene to a custom Mizuchi scene format and use it in the Mizuchi runtime.

Mizuchi Use Cases

In Game Rendering Engines

  • Integrate Mizuchi rendering engine for new game titles.
  • Replace rendering component for existing game engines.

Interactive Visualization Application in Building/Industrial Products.

  • High quality rendering comparable to offline rendering.
  • Design and visualization products using our rich material system.

But without further ado, I leave you with Mizuchi’s beautiful assets, also reminding you that the engine will be publicly shown running on PS4 for the first time at GDC. Considering what I already saw with my own eyes, I’m quite sure many jaws will drop.