Two New Chapters Coming to Suda51’s The Silver Case on PlayStation 4

Two New Chapters Coming to Suda51’s The Silver Case on PlayStation 4

Despite a 17 year gap since the original's release, Suda51 returns to add two extra chapters for The Silver Case on PlayStation 4.

Who here remembers The Silver Case? Very few reading this, I would imagine. A Japanese-exclusive original PlayStation game from 1999, the game was a visual novel taking place in a then-contemporary Japan with the investigation of a serial killer.

Why bring this all up? Goichi “Suda51” Suda will be returning to the title to offer both a prologue and epilogue to the game for its upcoming release on PlayStation 4. Titled YAMI, the prologue will take place a few months after the conclusion of The Silver Case, acting as the de-facto ending to the crime story. Meanwhile, WHITE OUT PROLOGUE — the other chapter to the game — will be linking The Silver Case with its episodic sequel, The Silver Case: Ward 25.

The Silver Case is no stranger to ports onto other consoles — the visual novel was in development for Nintendo DS at one point, however the end product couldn’t meet Suda51’s standards.The nearly two-decade old title has made a resurgence as of late, with a worldwide release last year on PC. Recently it was announced that the same remake would be making its way to PlayStation 4.

There hasn’t been any mention from developer GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE or publisher NIS America whether the two new chapters would be coming to the PC versions of the game and — if they do — at what cost. We’ve reached out to NIS America for more details on this.

As mentioned above, The Silver Case is coming to PlayStation 4 on April 18, 2016 for North America — April 21, 2017 for Europe. Meanwhile, if you want to play the game now, it is immediately available for PC.