SimCity Turns into Theme Park With First Post-Release Paid DLC

SimCity Turns into Theme Park With First Post-Release Paid DLC

Remember Bullfrog’s Theme Park? Starting today you can relive part of its magic in SimCity, thanks to its first post-release paid DLC (did anyone really doubt that they were coming?) that Electronic Arts published for the game.

The package, named Amusement Park Set, costs $9.99 or €9.90 and is actually quite complex, featuring three styles of parkentrances , several primary attractions, secondary attractions, concession stands, rest areas, its own street network and even its own railway network, allowing players to create a completely specialized city focused around its park and adding quite a bit to the gameplay variety and complexity.

While I’m sure that many will complain about the fact that the DLC has a pricetag and that that Maxis still didn’t fix every single element of the game (to be fair they fixed most of them, and most of what some perceive as flaws are just design choices), we can’t really say that it’s half baked, as it provides quite a lot of content and options.

Below you can see a list of official bullet points and a tutorial video starring Balance Designer Ross Treyz as he instructs us on the ins and outs of park building.

Park Entrances: Three entrances to choose from: Funshine Park Entrance, Wheels of Wonder Park Entrance and Thrilland Park Entrance.
Classic Amusement Park Rides: both young and young at heart Sims will enjoy classics like the Ferris Wheel, Carousel and Swings Ride.
Vehicle Rides: speed demons and imaginary astronauts alike will find rides to enjoy with the Mini-Train Station, Go-Kart Speedway and Astro-Twirl Rocket Ride.
Thrill Rides: please the thrill-seekers with the Bigfoot Roller Coaster, Dizzy Drop Tower or Bluebeard’s Pirate Ship.