SimCity Will Soon be Playable Offline

SimCity Will Soon be Playable Offline

Patrick Buechner, General Manager of Maxis Emeryville Studio, said in a blog post today that an upcoming patch for SimCity will allow gamers to play the game offline.

Back when it was released last year, SimCity was only playable with an online connection. This caused fans of the series to become furious. With this latest update, gamers will finally get a single player mode that won’t require them to be constantly connected to the internet.

The single player mode will be a boon for modders since they can now change things without compromising the online game. A series of tutorials videos will be released that show how the studio behind the game created some of the content in SimCity. The hope is that these videos will inspire players to make their own creations.

This patch won’t affect the online portion of the game. All of one’s saved cities will still be there if they choose to log in. Things like multiplayer, global market and leaderboards are also unaffected.

Things are still being tested thoroughly so don’t expect this patch to be out for some time. Stay tuned for more information as it’s released.