Simpsons Go To E4, Spoof Games in Sunday’s Episode

Simpsons Go To E4, Spoof Games in Sunday’s Episode

I think the last Simpsons reference to video games I enjoyed was in the 1995 episode Marge Be Not Proud, where Bart was obsessed with Bonestorm only to end up fighting with Milhouse over a cup and ball. Oh, the memories.

Last night’s episode — number 491, for those of you keeping count — contained a segment wherein Homer, Bart and Lisa visit the E4 convention and myriad video game-related gags ensue. First Bart beats a God of War spoof in seconds, sending the on-site developer into a shame spiral. Then we see Lisa drooling over a Marching Band game modeled after Harmonix’s best-selling plastic instrument franchise (To be honest, playing the Oregon fight song with a trumpet peripheral might be totally and completely awesome.)


Check the video after the jump.

This GameTrailers clip comes courtesy of YouTube user LegendofZelda1996. See if any of the sight gags tickle your funny bone. I personally enjoyed the Drivers License 2: A License to Drive and Human Centipede displays.