The Sims 4 Update Delayed, Will Be Free and Include New Career at Launch

The Sims 4 Update Delayed, Will Be Free and Include New Career at Launch

An upcoming Sims 4 update will introduce a new career named the Style Influencer that allows you to makeover other Sims as well as terrain editing tools.

During the Maxis Monthly livestream, developers revealed that the next Sims 4 update has been delayed out of October, its original window, but will include some major new updates.

The next Sims 4 update will be free and include both a new career and terrain editing once it launches on PC. The new career is Style Influencers, where your Sim’s can become fashion trendsetters via their online blog and thanks to your handpicked outfits. Sims in this career start out as a Rag Reviewer and work from home. Players can pick on their Sims or other NPCs to perform a makeover on, and if successful, can create trends that increase your Sim’s influence. The success of these makeovers relies on the relationship you have with that particular Sim, the higher the friendliness, the higher the success.

Also included in this update will be a terrain editor that allows players to change the elevation and shape of your Sim’s surrounding area. You can raise, lower, and sculpt the ground, as well as add fencing, stairs, walls, and multiple levels for a property, allowing you to create an elevated platform for your house or pool or anything else you may want to decorate your home with.

The Sims 4‘s most recent expansion, Seasons, introduced summer, spring, fall, and winter to the lives of Sims. Maxis will be hosting another livestream on October 11th at 11 A.M. to show off more of the terrain manipulation for The Sims 4 update and other Sims-related media. You can check out some of the images from the livestream in the image gallery below.