Sine Mora Coming to Vita With New Character in Tow

on June 4, 2012 10:00 AM

Sine Mora was highly lauded when it came out last year as an XBLA exclusive title and will be spreading that love to a new audience as it is scheduled to release on the PlayStation Vita sometime soon. A straight port would probably be very much appreciated on its own but the news that the game will feature a new character, special weapon and chronomes is of course even better news.

The Vita version will feature the character of Wilhelmine Muller, making a guest appearance from Japanese studio G.rev’s game Under Defeat. At this point no further details are available other than it will be releasing soon so keep an eye out for more news and get ready for some hot Shmup action on your Vita! Sine Mora Coming to Vita With New Character in Tow

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