Sinestro, Leader of the Sinestro Corps., Has Made His Way into Infinite Crisis in a New Trailer

on May 7, 2014 11:26 AM

Sinestro, leader of the Sinestro Corps. and possessor of the Yellow Lantern, has been revealed for Infinite Crisis in a new trailer.

He uses Will to terrorize and finish off his weakened foes. His passive is Yellow Impurity, which marks targets and in turn gives Sinestro a powerful skill bonus. Saw Blade is an attack that damages the first foe it hits and if they were marked by Yellow Impurity, the enemy takes additional damage. Dread Scythe deals power damage in a wide cone and if the enemies hit were affected by Yellow Impurity, they’ll be silenced as well.

Cull the Weak is a dash attack that has the added effect of resetting the cooldown period if a Champion was killed as a result and deals additional damage overall thanks to Yellow Impurity. Sinestro’s ultimate is Fear Incarnate, which launches Parallax at a foe for damage and a stun effect that fears away all allies from the marked foe.

Sinestro is a low health and high damage character (essentially a glass cannon), making it imperative for players to know when and who to engage and when to flee. In team fights, it’s best to flank low health Champions to finish them off. Using his moves to inflict damage, set traps and flee is key in any altercation. When building him, focus mainly on attack to increase his damage output.

You can check out the fully detailed strategy in the trailer below. For more on the game, including all of the Champion Profile videos showcasing the heroes and villains in the game, check out our Infinite Crisis news.

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