SingStar Celebration Launches for PlayStation 4 Today with New Trailer

SingStar Celebration Launches for PlayStation 4 Today with New Trailer

Let your voice be heard with the newest addition to PlayStation's PlayLink lineup of smartphone-controlled party titles SingStar Celebration.

The latest addition to the music game series, SingStar Celebration, launches on PlayStation 4 today. To celebrate the franchise’s return from its three year hiatus, a launch trailer featuring Meghan Trainor’s popular hit “All About That Bass” was published.

The newest entry in the SingStar series will include 30 new tracks from well-known artists such as Adele, Kings of Leon, U2, and more. Whether you want to perform as a duet or against each other competitively, SingStar Celebration will allow you to do it with up to eight players to party with.

You will also have the opportunity to dust off that PlayStation Camera and record your performance for the online community to enjoy.

SingStar Celebration is one of a few PlayLink titles introduced by Sony. Rather than using multiple DualShock 4 wireless controllers for each game’s unique multiplayer experience, they utilize your smartphones so anyone can join in by downloading the title’s app. For SingStar Celebration, your mobile device will be used as a mic as you sing through various pop tunes.

This is not the first PlayLink title to release for the PlayStation 4. That’s You! — a quirky party title featuring various mini-games to compete in — brought the smartphone-centric gameplay to the Sony’s popular console. The game was free through its PlayStation Plus online service.

SingStar Celebration is currently available for PlayStation 4 only at retail stores for $19.99.