Singularity Releases Marking Raven Software’s 20th Anniversary

on June 29, 2010 12:44 PM

Singularity Releases Marking Raven Software's 20th Anniversary

In Singularity players can manipulate time as well as shoot it up in a deep and dark narrative-driven story experience taking players through an unseen side of the Cold War influenced by science fiction. The game also features leader-boards, upgradeable weapons and gadgets, and local and online multi-player versus with up to 12 players online for PC, Xbox Live, or PlayStation Network.

With the release of this game also comes some inspiring news as well. Raven Software, creators of the HeXen series and the Soldier of Fortune franchise among other things, is turning 20! To celebrate you can show your support by looking up their company history on their website here showing all the projects they have worked on. Then you can hit your nearest game store and pick up Singularity published by Activision and available now!

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