Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Gets New Intro Video and Updates

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Gets New Intro Video and Updates

Sins of a Solar Empire is Ironclad Games’ low-budget real time 4X strategy title, and something akin to the Energizer Bunny of video games. Originally released by Stardock almost 4 years ago and still looking fantastic for a strategy game, Sins of a Solar Empire continues to get regular content updates and expansions.

The third major expansion, Rebellion is set to release this coming June, and is already available to Steam users with the game as a beta. The patch notes are available on Steam and in this article after the break for anyone that wants to read them, but personally I’m just impressed that a small studio has kept the game supported and popular this long. If you own the game, be sure to check out the new video and updates.

From the patch notes:


  • Added full quality intro video.
  • Fixed bug with Fracture ability particle effects so they will now display on all affected ships.
  • Fixed null pointer crash with the shadow system.
  • Fixed bug that caused ships to disappear.


  • TEC Loyalists
    • Fixed bug that allowed TEC Loyalists to use Pirate Mercenaries on their Broadcast Center.
  • Advent Loyalists
    • Increased Acclimation of Will to two research levels; per level increase changed from 0.10 to 0.25.
    • Assimilated Populace moved to Diplomacy tree; reduced from Tier 5 to 3; requires sufficient labs to function.
    • Confluence of the Unity per level value increased from 0.10 to 0.25.
    • Coward’s Submission moved to Defense tree; reduced from Tier 6 to 4; pre-requisite tech removed.
    • Global Unity reduced from Tier 5 to 4; added additional research level; pre-requisite tech removed; and now requites sufficient labs to function.
    • Planet for a Planet Tier increased from 2 to 3.
    • Fixed bug with Suppression Aura that would let it persist on ships captured with Subjugation.
    • Global Unity should now affect newly colonized worlds. Culture caches are updated again upon colonization.
    • Updated Coronata Titan’s ultimate ability, Repossession, to not work against Capital Planets or the Artifact planet (i.e., Occupation Victory).
  • Advent Rebels
    • Cleanse and Renew moved to Military tree; Tier increased from 4 to 5.
    • Expulsion moved to Defense Tree; Tier reduced from 5 to 4.
    • Mass Communion per level increased changed from 25% to 40%.
    • Protection of the Unity moved to Defense tree; Tier changed from 7 to 1; updated to 3 levels at 33% each; now requires sufficient labs to function.
    • Reanimation Tier reduced from 4 to 2; now requires sufficient labs to function.
    • Return of the Fallen Tier reduced from 4 to 1; now requires sufficient labs to function.
    • Fixed bug with Reanimation that prevented it from cloning destroyed enemy ships.
    • Fixed bug with Return of the Fallen that prevented it from resurrecting destroyed ships.
    • Updated Chastic Burst to affect Starbases.
    • Updated Wail of the Sacrificed to affect Starbases.
  • General
    • Multiplayer
      • Added method to add/remove Friends by SteamID and sync to ICO.
      • Fixed double friend message bug on ICO.
      • Fixed crash in Steam game invites.
      • Passwords will now work for joining password protected games on ICO via Steam.
    • Added missing game win strings.
    • Updated save system to save out fleet cohesion settings.
    • Updated Titan weapon damage type vs armor values. Should prevent Titans from prioritizing strikecraft.
    • Fixed incorrect Advent tech tree names.
    • Fixed null pointer crash with the shadow system.
    • Updated Starbase Destabilization InfoCard to more accurately display its effects.
    • Flagships should now correctly bomb enemy planets when there are no other threats present.
    • Fixed crash bug related to missions for the Pirate player.
    • Updated other instances of Antimatter Recharger to Temple of Renewal in strings file.
    • Increased warning threshold on when a planet will flip from culture.
    • Fixed crash related to space mines – this was a big cause of random mid-game crashes.
    • Added several constraints to corvette passives so they won’t affect non-viable targets.
    • Fixed bug that caused ships to spin in place.
    • Fixed bug that would prevent ships from Phase Jumping.


  • Tweaked some positions in the race select dialog.
  • Moved tutorial text and OK button up slightly so they don’t overlap notification messages.


  • AI players should be a bit better about when/who they offer missions to.
  • Updated aiUseTime on Perseverance to Anytime.

Sound & Music

  •  Normalized all new sound effects.
  •  Fixed bug that caused the GameWin event to play continuously if you pressed Keep Playing after a win.
  •  Fixed incorrect allied game win voiceover.
  •  Added new sound effect for Wail of the Sacrificed.