Six Mobile Games Release to PlayStation Mobile This Week

Six Mobile Games Release to PlayStation Mobile This Week

PlayStation Mobile has received six new titles to its mobile gaming lineup this week. With new games, apps and updates being released every Tuesday, PlayStation Mobile will always have a little of everything for everyone.

The six new release titles are as follows:

Bloodred Wyvern—an arcade style third-person rail shooter where you’ll fly around on your wyvern through nine levels and blast away enemies as they attempt to take you out. You can purchase Bloodred Wyvern for $0.99.

Earth Assault—a shoot ’em up retro style of game where you’ll need to protect the planet from an all-out alien invasion. You can purchase Earth Assault for $5.49.

Decision—a timed space shoot ’em up game with over 50 missions and a ton of upgrades to unlock. Pick up Decision for $0.49.

Re:marriage—a relationship style of simulation game where you can make people fall in love with you. You can purchase Re:marriage for $1.49.

Super Tank Poker—a tank shoot ’em up with over 30 missions to battle across. With five different tank types to control. Super Tank Poker is available for $2.29.

Miko Gakkou: Second Yearan action-rhythm game where you’ll continue your journey as three young shrine maidens as they fight against the evil Youkai. You can purchase Miko Gakkou: Second Year for $2.29.

There is also an update for Monster Hotel available for download.

You can download these games through the PlayStation Mobile section of your PlayStation Vita, as well if you have a PlayStation-certified device, such as the Sony Xperia Z smartphone, Wikipad or the Sony Xperia Z tablet.

Check out the trailers for Bloodred Wyvern and Super Tank Poker below, as well as screenshots for Earth AssaultDecisionRe:marriage and Miko Gakkou: Second Year.