New Competitive Fantasy Game Six Temples Has A Lot of Potential

Six Temples from Camel Cup Graphics is an intriguing territory based competitive fantasy game with procedurally generated maps.

While the multiplayer scene is currently dominated by Fortnite and series like Call of Duty and Destiny, I always like to keep my eye on some of the smaller, more experimental multiplayer games that try new things or take place in more fantastical worlds. Though the success of indie multiplayer games like this varies, it always feels great to see games like Rocket League take off and become massive hits. It will be interesting to see which path Six Temples, a 36-player competitive fantasy game from fledgling developer Camel Cup Games, takes.

At this point in development, Six Temples is centered around a mode where three teams of twelve compete to gain territory on a procedurally generated map by capturing Temples and Shines as well as finding Artifacts. The three classes available are the Barbarian, Wizard, and Mercenary, which each have their own flashy combat styles. Personally, I think the Wizard and their magic spells look the coolest. Some interested payers will be able to try this mode out in the game’s Private Beta, which starts on October 10; that being said, sign-ups are still open on the game’s website.

Though it remains to be seen if Six Temples will maintain an audience or go down the same route to the somewhat similar but ultimately ill-fated Mirage: Arcane Warfare, it has definitely piqued my interest. Six Temples is currently in development for PC, with a Closed Beta happening later this month before a full launch in Spring 2020.

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Tomas Franzese

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