It's Been Six Years Since Guild Wars 2 Came Out, Here's a Video to Prove it

Guild Wars 2 has spent the past six years providing players with free content updates and this video explains the game's history and what's to come.

DualShockers hasn’t reported on Guild Wars 2 since 2015. There’s no real reason behind it other than the fact that many of us, readers included, likely forgot this game exists. Luckily, developer ArenaNet released a new video detailing the game’s past and what the future may look like.

The video discusses Living World, the game’s attempt at dynamic storytelling through multiple seasons. These episodic vignettes introduce their own features and their own big baddies.

Each release contains a story of course, but also raids, fractals, new legendary weapons as well as new festivals. What’s most important to note is that all of this content is free to the player.

As the game moves into Season five, one feature that stands out is the ability to return to Sun’s Refuge–think of Warlords of Draenor‘s Garrisons from World of Warcraft–where players, in their own instances, can develop the settlement and unlock new NPCs, collections, and rewards.

Guild Wars 2‘s player base is currently estimated to be around 3.3 million, and if that statistic seems high, it’s because that number is based on players who may log in once in a period of several months. Logging in to the game and trying to group find content may still feel like a ghost town since the number of day-to-day players likely hovers somewhere around 500 thousand.

Still, if you’re interested in trying out another MMO, the team has done an amazing job of providing free content updates to the players without the competing MMO’s subscription.

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Noah Buttner

Noah Buttner is a staff writer at Dualshockers. He specializes in textual and visual analysis and is based in New York, where he recently obtained a degree in Journalism from Stony Brook University.

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