E3 2019 Dreams — Skate 4 May Be Dead, But Session is Keeping My Dream Alive

I've waited for years for the hopes of Skate 4 getting announced. At E3 2019, just give me something skateboarding related. Anything.

Last year, I openly shared a dream with all of you: a dream that would not only bring joy to myself, but to everyone on this beautiful blue and green rock we call Earth. This video game would basically change the landscape of video games. Of course, I’m talking about the much anticipated but surely invalidated Skate 4.

After attending EA’s 2018 press conference without a grind or grab in sight, I started to question everything. Are EA employees just commenting on their own posts with “#Skate4”? Are people trying to just will it into existence? I mean, is it even a possibility for EA to make another Skate game? At the end of the day, it didn’t matter. Skate 4 doesn’t seem even remotely close to happening, and I gave up that silly (half) pipe dream.

That is until Xbox’s press conference last year presented us with a replacement called Session. There was a glimmer of hope. I saw a virtual man flip a skateboard and muttered, “Oh my God.”

Skate 4 doesn’t seem even remotely close to happening, and I gave up that silly (half) pipe dream.”

For about 4 seconds, I thought EA pulled a fast one and decided to reveal Skate 4 on Xbox’s stage. But then I realized I didn’t see a fat EA logo at the beginning and was slightly bummed. But then I saw the same virtual man do a 360 flip and ride off into the sunset, sort of to speak. It was at this moment I looked at the environment and was building lines in my head. I wanted to play this, and I wanted to do it now.

For the record, I have played the prototype build that is free to download on Session‘s Kickstarter page. While it may be considered by many a spiritual successor to Skate, it definitely has its differences, namely in its gameplay.

Instead of using one analog stick like Skate‘s Flick-it system, Session uses both sticks with each controlling the skater’s legs. This gives Session a bit more of a “simulation” vibe to it in comparison to Skate. It’s also incredibly difficult to string a line together successfully. Even performing certain flip tricks proved to be a challenge. In a way, it was analogous to actual skateboarding. Constantly doing the same line over and over again brought me back to my skating days. Sure, it can be frustrating at times, but hardly anything felt better than executing that line.

The one thing I didn’t like while playing Session, however, was using the triggers to turn. It just feels unnatural. I’m sure with practice I will get used to it, but it just feels off to me. Granted, this is a very early build and anything could change.

“In the best case scenario, creā-ture Studios is actually lying and is totally going to be at E3…”

It was also during those ending moments of the trailer it was revealed this game is being developed by indie developer creā-ture Studios. Back in November 2017, this game was funded via Kickstarter within the first three days of the game’s campaign. At the time, the plan was to have an early access build available in Q2 2018. Obviously, that did not happen. As of now, early access and Xbox Game Preview builds are expected to launch in Q2 2019…which is right now.

So, between now and the end of June, some form of Sessions might be out and playable. Guess what happens in June? Yes, E3 is in June. Unfortunately, Session‘s presence at the show is unlikely.

In a post on the game’s Kickstarter page, Vincent Da Silva gave a quick update on Session and creā-ture Studios’ plans for E3 this year. “We decided to not take part or going to E3 this year,” explains Da Silva. “With early access getting closer every day, we knew it would have an impact on the development, so we decided to stay focused on developing Session instead.”

I mean, it’s written pretty clearly there. We won’t be seeing Session at E3. And now you’re probably asking yourself, “Why would Michael would write all of this for a game that is definitely not going to be at E3?” Well, there are two reasons:

  1. I really wanted to write about Skate 4, but I already did that last year.
  2. This is my dream, let me live in my fantasy land.

In the best case scenario, creā-ture Studios is actually lying and is totally going to be at E3, specifically Xbox’s press conference. I would love to see a new trailer showcasing its open-world and video editing tools. Since skating is all you really do, gameplay would be shown throughout the trailer. Even in the announcement trailer from last year, it looked like in-engine footage. I want to see the “gamey” parts of Session. And of course, finish the trailer with the phrase everyone clamors to hear: “And it’s available on Xbox Game Preview right now!”

The worst-case scenario, besides Session not being there entirely, is it getting lumped into a montage video with other Game Preview games with a lower-third that says “coming soon.” I’m not picky though. I would love that. At least I know Session is not dead.

As we near E3, what do you want to see the most at this year’s show? What’s your dream scenario? Be sure to let us know in the comments. Lastly, be sure to check out some of the other hopes and dreams for E3 2019 from the rest of the DualShockers writers.

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