Skate Story Sends You Into an Abstract Underworld to Pop Dem Ollies

Skate in a strange new hell.

While Skate 3 seems to be heading to mobile devices, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is rumored to be launching sometime this year, there’s another skateboarding game that appears to have gone under our radar. Skate Story looks to be taking the player on a skateboarding adventure…in the underworld.

After seeing the latest tweet from the official Twitter account, there was a video attached in which the character performing an ollie, landing to perform a grind. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the style of the world, although I had assumed this was just prototyped placeholder graphics. However, after scouring through the account, it seems to be the visual style, and I love it.

It turns out, that the game seems to find the player in a stylized underworld that consists of creepy robed people with flashlights for heads. Judging by the clips, your job is to basically avoid them while skating through, however, you’ve also got the ability to pop an ollie and perform tricks. There’s an earlier video —before the grind function above was implemented— which seems to show the control style.

Famitsu says that the game is set in a surreal New York underground world and states the game isn’t about getting the high score, but instead describes it as “skateboard zen” which in honesty I’m all for.

As you can see, there’s a small circle next to the board which seems to be giving balance information as well as looking like you use the thumbstick to perform the trick you want. There’s also an official teaser trailer that you can watch below. It shows a lot more environmental settings and tricks being performed, and it also seems to include a story…which would make sense given the game is literally called Skate Story.

Skate Story doesn’t have a specific release date and is slated to be “coming soon”. There also appears to be no platform specified anywhere, with a fairly empty official website not containing any additional information. However, Famitsu seems to report the title is looking at a 2022 completion target.

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