Skatebird Bringing Back the Skateboarding Genre in Late 2020 on Switch

Skatebird Bringing Back the Skateboarding Genre in Late 2020 on Switch

Skatebird is a game where you skateboard as a cute little birdie on pencils and books, and it's coming to Nintendo Switch in late 2020.

It may not be a certain hawk, but these cute little birds will do just fine. Skatebird (stylized as SkateBIRD), a skateboard game where you shred the gnar as cute tiny birds, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in late 2020.

Developed by Glass Bottom Games, Skatebird is the latest attempt to revive the skateboard genre in video games. While it may not appease those looking for a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or Skate successor, maybe its a step towards it. Or maybe it’s just a fun reason to put cute birds in human clothing and have them ride mini skateboards. Either way, it looks pretty rad.

As explained in the stream, there will be multiple parks for you to explore, other cute little birdies that will give you objectives, and secret mixtapes with original lo-fi tunes. The parks are made up of everyday household items like bendy straws, staplers, bent magazines, cardboard. Oh, did I mention you’ll be able to put tiny human clothing on your bird? It’s ridiculous.

Skatebird was Kickstarted back in June, reaching its goal in just a day. Its original goal was $20,000 but managed to garner $67,220 from its backers by the end of its campaign.

As of right now, Skatebird has only been announced for PC and Nintendo Switch. The late 2020 window is connected only to the Switch version. On the game’s Steam page, it simply has a 2020 release window.

If birds riding skateboards isn’t your jam, what about a hawk? Specifically, Tony Hawk? According to rumors, Activision may be working on a new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater title. To support the claim, pro skater Lizzie Armanto, who was featured in Tony Hawk’s Shred Session and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, said on a podcast she will be in the unannounced game back in October.