Skater XL Community Content Will be Available From Day One of Launch

Three community made maps will be the first available when Skater XL launches in July

I know we’re all still getting over the hype of the next Skate title, but it’d be obnoxious of us to ignore the games that have tried to fill that spot. One of those titles is SkaterXL, which has been out in early access for a while now – since December of 2018 – and in that time, it’s grown quite a following. With its release now only a month away, we’re getting a first look at the content that the game’s community has put together, and what players will get to check out from fellow skaters when Skater XL launches.

Revealed in a new trailer, three community-made maps will be the first available with Skater XL across all platforms when the game officially releases, and they’re pretty gnarly. The first map is ‘Grant Skate Park’ by Theo, a modder who ended up joining the team at Easy Day Studios. Any readers of ours from the state of Illinois may recognize the name – Grant Skate Park is one of the premier skate parks in Chicago. The second of the three was made by map creator Jean Olive, and is simply titled ‘Streets.’ It’s a map with several city blocks worth of skatable territory, with plenty of urban architecture to use. Eagle-eyed skaters may also recognize some sites from New York City and Los Angeles thrown into the map. Finally, we’ve got the ‘Hűdland Training Facility’ made by Pactole. This one is a simple skater’s dream. Rails and planters to grind, ramps and gaps to catch some air, stairs, quarterpipes and more.

These three maps will be coming to Skater XL once it officially launches, but PC players won’t have to wait that long for community content. There is an extensive list of mods available at, from packs that change the game’s sound to new pairs of sneakers.

So, let’s be real. Skate 4 isn’t coming for a long time. But until we get there, there are still some great looking skating games with large creative communities looking for your time. Skater XL launches July 28 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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