Skater XL Debuts Another New Park: The Big Ramp

The Big Ramp is launching alongside Skater XL's 1.0 release on July 28

There is nothing as viscerally exciting, nothing that just feels quite as right as going off a big ramp. It feels good in any game – racing, open world, even the big ramp at the end of Halo 3 is undeniably sick. That goes double for big ramps in skating titles – ones where a 1080 is the coward’s option, where you’re going so fast and so high that it’ll be a miracle if your skaters’ ankles don’t have the same consistency as pancake batter by the time they hit the ground. Easy Day Studios, the developers behind Skater XL get that, which is why the game has a new park coming titled: “The Big Ramp.”

Slated to release July 28Skater XL will now also be arriving with The Big Ramp in tow. Announced through a post on Playstation’s Twitter account, we also get our first look so far at the “mega structure” awaiting skaters wishing for an early death. The Big Ramp doesn’t just live up to its namesake either, as it somehow includes more than just a very large ramp. A new video from Playstation, which you can view below, shows off The Big Ramp in all its vert glory.

The park is a veritable skater’s fantasy. Beyond enormous ramps, players will find massive rails to grind, half-pipes to carve and plenty of space to get technical. At the end of it all is a massive pipe for players to use all that gathered momentum for some massive air. Remember, no 1080’s here that’s the coward’s approach, we want more spin.

Personally, I can’t wait to hit The Big Ramp. It looks like the kind of space where someone can skate and toy around with a line to their heart’s content. If The Big Ramp has got you interested in Skater XL, check out our interview with Easy Day Studios, conducted by resident skater Michael Ruiz.

Skater XL is currently available in Early Access on PC but will release fully as well on PS4 and Xbox One on July 28, 2020.

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