Skeleton Knight in Another World Episode 8 Release Date And Time

Arc's skeleton body is actually due to a curse.

May 25, 2022

Join Arc and Ariane on their adventures with the new episode of the series. Here’s when the Skeleton Knight in Another World episode 8 will be out.

As the series is moving forward toward its season one end, Arc’s journey alongside Ariane is getting more and more exciting. Meeting new people, fighting all kinds of magical monsters, groups of assassins, and deadly animals, and there’s a lot to the series. The previous episode ended on a note that the fans find it hard to wait for the new one. The ninja girl that Arc met in Diento city previously is back on Rhoden island. And this time, she doesn’t have her mask on. Will she join Arc and Ariane on their journey, or does she has her own plans? We will find out in the new episode.

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Skeleton Knight in Another World Episode 8 Release Date And Time

The new episode of the show will release officially on Thursday, May 26th, 2022, which you can watch on Crunchyroll.

Here’s the time when episode 8 of Skeleton Knight in Another World will release in different locations.

  • Pacific Time: 7:30 AM (May 26th)
  • Central Time: 9:30 AM (May 26th)
  • Eastern Time: 10:30 AM (May 26th)
  • British Time: 3:30 PM (May 26th)
  • European Time: 4:30 PM (May 26th)
  • Indian Time: 8:00 PM (May 26th)
  • Japanese Time: 11:30 PM (May 26th)

Skeleton Knight in Another World Episode 7 Recap

Arc is wondering if his skeleton body is really because of a curse or not, after which he tries to use his own magic spell on his hand. To Arc’s surprise, he gets the flesh on his hand back, but after a few seconds, it is turned into a skeleton hand again. He tries the magic a few times again, but it doesn’t work. This confirms that his condition is actually due to a curse.

Arc and Ariane continue their journey to Olav to free more elf slaves. As they are planning to reach the city using a shortcut through the forest, a lady warns them about the haunted wolves. But they still plan to choose the shortcut. On the other hand, Yuriarna is set to visit the Grand Duchy of Limbult as soon as possible.

While walking through the woods, Ariane says that the bridal veils made out of the haunter wolf’s tail would be a perfect gift for her sister. They are finally attacked by the wolves, and Arc notices a magic ring in the leg of the wolves’ leader. As soon as Arc destroys the ring, the wolves stop attacking and disappear into the forest.

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Yuriarna is going through the same route, and a group of men attacks them. Ponta realizes the threat, after which she leads Arc to the place where Yuriarana and everyone else is killed by the group. The pack of wolves arrives again, but this time, they help Arc defeat the group. Arc tries to revive Yuriarana and her guards back to life, and he is able to save most of them. Yuriarana starts to believe that an angel of God came to save their life. The arc starts to wonder if he did the right thing by bringing the dead back to life or not. Finally, they reach Rhoden island and meet the same ninja girl that Arc met in Diento.

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