OverClocked ReMix Releases Free Arcadia Legends Album in Tribute to Skies of Arcadia

OverClocked Remix released their latest Video Game Music album, Arcadia Legends, a tribute to the soundtrack from Skies of Arcadia

By Reinhold Hoffmann

December 23, 2018

OverClocked Remix is a group of musicians remixing video game music as a passion, normally sharing their projects online for free. They are also creating complete music albums to tribute specific games (or occasionally platforms). Their 69th [Editor’s Note: ayyy~L] (and latest album) is Arcadia Legends, a tribute to the iconic Skies of Arcadia.

First, a bit of background into the soundtrack’s inspiration: Skies of Arcadia. This JRPG by SEGA’s Overworks development division was originally released on the SEGA Dreamcast in 2000. The game was one of the best-reviewed SEGA Dreamcast games but was financially not a commercial success (much like the platform itself).

The game would then receive a Nintendo GameCube port titled Skies of Arcadia Legends in 2002. The album’s Project Director was a big fan of this port’s original soundtrack, inspiring him to form a tribute project to it. Even better, this is the first time that the particular Project Director is taking that helm on an OverClocked Remix project, so taking this on has been quite an experience.

Arcadia Legends is split into four discs and features not less than 47 tracks that are covering the whole soundtrack from Skies of Arcadia. As usual for OCR Projects, Arcadia Legends is featuring a wide array of different music genres, though mainly including electronic music genres.

You can download Arcadia Legends for free at its official homepage with the option to choose between MP3 or Lossless FLAC files. For further information on the Arcadia Legends album and to hear some of the music tracks already check out the trailer below:

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