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Eternal Arcadia: Kenji Hiruta Says Sequel or HD Remaster Depends on Sega

Fans around the world are still waiting for a new Skies of Arcadia game project 20 years after the initial Dreamcast release.

October 5, 2020

Eternal Arcadia, known as Skies of Arcadia outside Japan, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this October 5, 2020. It’s been exactly 20 years since the JRPG was first released in Japan on Dreamcast. While a slightly different version launched a bit later on Gamecube, Skies of Arcadia never received a new game project. Many fans around the world are still awaiting a sequel, remaster, or anything.

Over on Twitter, Kenji Hiruta, ex-developer on Skies of Arcadia at Sega, often shares his wish to bring back the franchise, discussing with fans. For the game’s 20th anniversary, he most notably noted a sequel, HD remaster or a new game project depends on Sega.

However, he’s working on something, not game related, but still Skies of Arcadia related:

Many fans are also sharing their memories of Eternal Arcadia and fanmade content like fanart and cosplay on Twitter via the hashtag #エターナルアルカディア20周年. An Eternal Arcadia 20th anniversary fan site has been set up as well.

Personally, I still believe a new Eternal Arcadia project will come around one day.

A lot of the staff of the series, who also worked on Sakura Taisen, is still at Sega or in close contact. Including Tetsuya Ootsubo, who we recently interviewed. Or Producer Rieko Kodama. All the initially planned Sega Ages Switch games were now released too, so I can dream that Kodama and the M2 team could work on a Skies of Arcadia remaster one day.

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I’d also add Sega has been consistently bringing back its old IPs these past years. Sakura Wars is back. Virtua Fighter is finally coming back as well. Virtual On got a remaster. And while not directly by Sega, Streets of Rage 4 happened. Shenmue 3 happened along with remasters, and more Panzer Dragoon is happening too. Skies of Arcadia could be next. Once it happens, maybe Segagaga will come back as well.

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