Skin Deep Announcement Trailer Is Filled with Sneezing and Bloody Feet

Skin Deep Announcement Trailer Is Filled with Sneezing and Bloody Feet

In Skin Deep, defrost, then go and kill some space pirates on board a large starship. Try not to sneeze.

An announcement trailer for a first-person shooter title Skin Deep arrived today from Blendo Games which you can view below, it looks almost like a John Wick game adaption set in space but minus the shoes.

The trailer shows gameplay with the protagonist sneaking around enemies, sneezing in an air vent, shooting while high-up between two walls, and even ripping out some debris from their foot. Skin Deep is a first-person survival shooter that according to the Steam store page has you playing as a person who was frozen and stowed onto a cargo starship. That ship was later raided by space pirates that tripped the silent alarm that sets you free from your icy sleep.

It’s up to you to handle the situation by roaming around a non-linear starship that’s described as a “stellar sandbox”. You’re outnumbered and outgunned as well, so that’ll encourage stealthy approaches. The trailer also seems to show multiple choices such as choosing to heal yourself, cough up blood, or threaten…something.

We’ve seen Blendo Games in the past with Quadrilateral Cowboy being nominated at the Independent Games Festival 2017 and winning for excellence in design. That same title was also nominated at the SXSW Gaming Awards 2017 for Matthew Crump Cultural Innovation and even got an honorable mention at the Independent Games Festival 2014.

Skin Deep is due to arrive on PC, but no release date has been specified yet, you can watch the trailer below and witness chairs flying into space.